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Bitcoin – Top questions low tech folks might want to know.

Bitcoin mining is plagued with criticism and skepticism since its inception.  But it is still alive and kicking, or rather should I say that Bitcoin is still hanging on with whatever lifespan it still has.  I am sure everyone out there who are looking at Bitcoin from a distance, as they are wondering if they

Samsung S9 – True Dolby Digital Atmos Cinematic Audio Power Right In Your Pocket

If you have been using your Samsung S9 solely for Whatsapp, Facebook, and checking out cat videos. I supposed that you do not know that your Samsung S9 is a smartphone that is capable of delivering true Dolby Digital Atmos Cinematic Audio Power right in your pocket. Of course, one may dispute the fact that

Re-calibrate A Dead Laptop’s Battery

I know that everyone agrees that the laptop’s battery is one of the core reason why you need to get a new laptop.  I have been telling a lot of people that it is possible to re-calibrate a dead laptop’s battery.  Today, I will show you what do I mean by re-calibration.  The process to

The original KickStarter Bobby Anti-theft backpack

The The original Bobby Anti-theft backpack by XD Design (Grey) is yet another top quality item of hardware being offered at an astonishingly reduced price, making this item remarkable value for money! Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this PC component. If you haven’t already researched

Free Software to Migrate Whatsapp Messages – iPhone To Android

This is a follow up article on how to migrate iPhone content to Android, and this guide is on how to migrate Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Android. If rice is the staple food of the living, then Whatsapp will be the digital staples that everyone needs. Whatsapp content is one of the most valuable

Free Software to Migrate iOS to Android

There is indeed a free software to migrate iOS to Android.  And the software that I will be recommending to you is a free software called SynciOS.  I am sure this title sounds like a click bait, but rest assured it is real, and if this article is not about a free software to migrate

Tips And Tricks To Protect Yourself When You Are Doing Online Shopping

E-Commerce is gaining popularity, here are some tips and tricks to protect yourself when you are doing online shopping.  With any industry, there will be rogue individuals who will go all out to cheat their way out of a living.  I was worried about being cheated 5 to 10 years ago, when “buying online” back

How To Remove Unauthorized Device Logins From Your Google Account

You will be surprised if I told you that you have a lot of unauthorized device logins from your Google account.  Google is the only company that prides itself on being the company that employs security standards that are unmatched.  However, most of us do not realize that it is always the user who puts

Hong Kong And Taiwan Drama apks for Android TV boxes

Most of us would have bought an Android TV box or at least heard of one before.  Most of these boxes would be most likely be populated with a bunch of apps that work in the beginning, however, as time goes by it would not work anymore.  Trying to find a reliable apk for Hong

Fix XiaoMi TV Box That Is Slow And Lagging

Like any standard smart device, it will slow down over time.  In this guide, I will show you how to fix the XiaoMi box if it is slow and lagging.  This technical phenomenon is not a glitch but rather a trade-off when the device or gadget tries to give you a mix of new operating system