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Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard Inside Virtualbox Using Windows

It is impossible to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard inside Virtualbox using Windows in the past due to incompatibility issues. Unless you make use of custom modified Mac OS X builds, you may stand a chance in getting the Mac OS X Snow leopard installed inside Windows. But there is no need to wait

Install Jolicloud And Run Off A Thumb Drive

Installing Jolicloud and run off a thumb drive is a very useful concept, it means carrying the whole operating system with you. The computing world is changing, speed and convience is the way to go. Instead of using software that requires you to install before you can use, the future concept will be making use

Backup WordPress Website And Run Locally On Computer With XAMPP

It is useful to learn how to backup your WordPress website and run it locally on a computer with XAMPP. This article will show you how to backup your WordPress website and load it up using your desktop computer as a virtual server with XAMPP. You can always do a test run of themes before

Unlock And Root HTC ChaCha

This guide will show you how to unlock and Root the HTC ChaCha so that you can install custom roms as well as Apps that require Root. Thankfully, HTC has decided to include the HTC ChaCha as one of the mobile devices that can be unlocked with their official software. This means that nothing will

Install Windows 8 Developer Preview In Virtualbox

Microsoft has recently released a pre-release developer preview of Windows 8 for the general public to play with. I have tested this Windows 8 Developer Preview in Virtualbox 4 and found out some interesting improvements in Windows 8. I will also include the guide on how to install and setup the whole system so that

Install Vortexbox And Run Off Virtualbox

Before we begin, I will do a bit of introduction on what Vortexbox software is all about. If you landed on this page because you are searching for guides on Vortexbox, most likely you know what this software is all about. However, I will still do a bit of explanation.     Vortexbox is a

Setup Freenas 8 Using Virtualbox With Windows

This guide will show you how to setup Freenas 8 using Virtualbox with Windows.  I will include not just the instructions on how to install Freenas 8 into Virtualbox, but also how to connect to the Freenas in Windows 7.  You can skip the introduction paragraph if you already know what FreeNas is all about.

Print From Brother Printer MFC-J430W Wireless Wi-Fi With Android Phone

I have written this guide for the benefit of those who might wish to print wirelessly with the Brother MFC-J430W multi-purpose printer. I am quite surprised that such instructions do not exist in the installation program of the CD provided. Most of us use Android phones these days that come with the router app. The

Install Mac OS X Lion Onto Intel Computer

This guide will show you how to install the latest Mac OS X Lion onto a normal Intel desktop computer. Thanks to the great tech pro like tonymac who made such a procedure as easy as it can get. Anyone with an average capability in using of computers will be able to perform such a

File Sharing Network Mac OS X With Windows 7

Having multiple computers is common these days, therefore it is useful to known how to Network Mac OS X with Windows 7. If you Network Mac OS X with Windows 7, you can transfer files directly across the different operating systems without having to upload to cloud services or transfer via thumb drives or other