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Install Android ICS Ice Cream Sandwich Onto HTC HD 2 SD Card Version

I could not believe my very own eyes when I saw that it is possible to install Android ICS in a HTC HD 2, and I think this is even faster then any other official devices out there that actually run Android ICS. I am pretty impressed that the XDA developers managed to get this

Use Android Phone Tethering Onto Mac OS X

Using an Android phone as the tethering device on a Mac is actually very simple. In fact the latest and current versions of Android phones have the software support built in on the device itself so that you can tether your Android phone directly to a Mac computer without installing any devices or any form

Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard Onto Intel Computer

Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard onto a PC is finally possible without complex instructions and Mac commands. Many great intelligent people such as folks from tonymac forum have evolved the whole process of installing a Mac OS onto a desktop PC until it is simple enough for non techie users to follow.  If you

How To Install Clock Work Mod and Recovery HTC HD 2

Hello, and welcome to this guide on How To Install Clock Work Mod and Recovery HTC HD 2, if you are trying so hard to flash a Nand based Android rom, you will know that this article is precious to you. Else it is just as alien as greek to you.  This article focuses on

Install Android HTC HD 2 Internal Nand Memory

Hello, and welcome to a guide on how to install Android directly onto the HTC HD 2 Flash Rom, which in other words, it simply means going hard core and flashing the whole damn Android operating system right into the internal memory of the HTC HD 2 without a safety net by going through the

Install Mac OS X Lion Onto Compaq Laptop

Mac has released the new OS X known as Mac OS Lion. Installing it onto a Compaq laptop is possible, after a extended period ot tussle and battling with the Compaq laptop. In this article, I will show you how to install Mac OS Lion onto a Compaq Laptop. The requirements of installing Mac OS

Create USB Snow Leopard Installer

Welcome to this article on how to create an USB Snow Leopard installer. There are a few advantages of creating a USB Snow Leopard installer. Dvds will suffer from stains and scratches over time, they are also prone to data errors in the process of installing. It does not matter if the cause is related

USB Support Windows Mobile HTC HD 2

It is possible to enable USB support for Windows Mobile on the HTC HD 2, it allows users to hook up USB devices like keyboard, mouse and thumb drives. Thanks to the developers at XDA forum, they have created a USB Host installer package that will allow USB Support for HTC HD 2. This is

iPhone Theme For Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile users might want to tweak their hand sets to resemble the iPhone. Sometimes a lot of people might not be fortunate enough to buy a high end iPhone which is very expensive. There is a way to modify the theme of your Windows Mobile so that the phone itself resembles the iPhone. Even

Insert Album Art For HTC Windows Mobile Media Player

I am not too sure if it is only me who is so crazy about inserting the album art for HTC Windows Mobile so that it will show up in the Windows Mobile media player. How many times have you found it unbearable to be looking at a boring media player screen with just a