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The original KickStarter Bobby Anti-theft backpack

The The original Bobby Anti-theft backpack by XD Design (Grey) is yet another top quality item of hardware being offered at an astonishingly reduced price, making this item remarkable value for money! Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this PC component. If you haven’t already researched

Convert Any Old Laptop Into Touch Screen Plug And Play

You can convert any old laptop into a touch screen model via plug and play and this is not a joke. You can convert any old laptop into a touch screen model via plug and play and this is not a joke.  Converting a laptop into a touch screen is very easy.  It used to

Ezcast The Best Screen Mirroring Casting Dongle For Mac Android and Windows

Ezcast The Best Screen Mirroring Casting Dongle For Mac Android and Windows.  Ezcast wins the competition hands down even though it looks a lot less impressive Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best casting dongle of them all.  There are so many different types of casting devices out there, which one of them

Samsung VR Oculus alternatives

Oculus started this virtual reality concept technology and I remembered one set of VR gear is at least $500 and above.  This excludes the cost of buying a beast PC that is capable of supporting VR technology.  It looks like Samsung and Google have taken this idea and turned it into an affordable technology. Samsung’s

Futuristic Looking Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for something that looks classy which will turn heads, look no further.  The futuristic looking Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker is here.  This speaker looks like the Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10 Speaker but with an added touch of class.     In fact, it looks like Eve from the movie Wall –

Innovation T6 3D Projector Review

I have recently purchased the Innovation T6 3D projector.  Before I made this purchase, I tried searching online for any reviews of this device.  However, I was unable to find any review on this product.  As much as it seems unbelievable for this projector to be as good as it claims.  I will have to

Turn Any TV Into A PC With Windows Compute Stick

Behold, the rise of the Compute Sticks, these little chasis packed a punch in a small package.  Mini PCs are nothing new but the Windows Compute Stick, is going to change everything all together.  The war of Mini operating systems started with Chromecast and mini streaming setup boxes.  Looks like Microsoft is not willing to take

Turn Your Old PAL NTSC CRT TV Into a Smart TV

In the dawn of the new age where everything in this world is going towards the “smart” direction, we have smartphones, smart watch, smart navigators and of course, smart tvs.  But smart tvs cost a bomb, they do not come cheap and if you have one old CRT tv that is still working fine, it

Factors To Decide When Buying A Mobile PowerBank

With smartphones draining battery life as fast as a bunch of guys downing beer at a pub, having a powerbank is a must or live with a mobile phone with running flat within half a day.  What are the factors to decide when buying a mobile powerbank?  Some say, the capacity, some say the 2A

Logitech iPhone Controller Powershell Controller + Battery

If gaming on a flat surface is unable to give you the real feel of how gaming should be, Santa has just the present for you.  The Logitech Powershell Controller which is a device that snaps to your iPhone which instantly turns your device into a true mobile gaming console, and that’s not all, it