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Windows 10 new features

The next upcoming Windows is called the Windows 10.  Fret not, you have not been sleeping for half a decade and missed the ninth release.  They decided to skip Windows 9.  I have heard of reasons that Windows 8.1 plus plus plus is actually the Windows 9, another reason is that there was a Windows

Understanding Broadband Speeds 1 Gigabit against 300 Mbps

Broadband speeds have smashed through the limits of what you can imagine.  We are talking about fibre broadband with speed limits going at 100Mbps being the lowest range.  Not too long ago, a telco MyRepublic released a 1 Gigabit per second broadband which practically kills off all competition totally.  Everyone went for the kill and

Windows 8.1 New Changes and Tips

The much awaited changes that need to be made to the Windows 8 is finally here.  There changes are not too significant and some of the improvements may go unnoticed.   In this article, lets take a look at some of the Windows 8.1 new changes and tips.  The Windows 8.1 new changes brings about

Upcoming Windows 8.1 Update New Features

Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Windows 8.1 update will be free, but what is in for us in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update? In this article, I will be listing some of the upcoming Windows 8.1 update new features that you should be expecting.   Get your Windows 8.1 update via the App Store.

Connecting Thumb Drive To USB Is Too Main Stream

When you know that the owner is truly a super geek.  Tell me if it works or not.              

Migrate from MSN to Skype

As unwilling as you may be, Microsoft is pulling the plug on the trusty MSN messenger that served many in their dating days in the twentieth century. But all is not lost, you can migrate from MSN to Skype if messaging is everything to you. Even though there are alternatives out there, the support for

10 New Features Of Playstation 4

What will the Playstation 4 be like was kept secret as Sony refused to shed light on what it is going to look like of be. After much public pressure, Sony has decided to reveal how the controller is going to look like. Basically, it looks very identical to the Playstation controllers of the past,

Food Delivery Services In Singapore

There are more newer food delivery services in Singapore then just fast food or Pizza. In this article, I will list some of the alternate food delivery services in Singapore. With more and more people leading a busy and hectic lifestyle, we have less time to cook a decent meal. After a busy week, it

Should I buy an iPhone 5?

The question that is on very one’s mind now, should I buy an iPhone 5.  I will be as fair and impartial and not hit under the belt just to make Apple’s gadgets look bad.  Should I buy an iPhone 5?  In this article, I will crunch the tech jargons and spit it out in

Convert Hotmail To Outlook.com

It’s been perhaps long forgotten by many that the first email that we actually have is Hotmail from Microsoft. Microsoft has decided to convert Hotmail to Outlook.com. The sad part is that not many people actually know about Microsofts intention to convert Hotmail to Outlook.com.   The irony of Microsoft’s intention to over take Google’s