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Prevent Installing Of Malware From Free Software

If only we can prevent installing of Malware from free software, how many times did you get a unwanted piece of junk software in your computer that you did not install.  Even if you know that such software’s are bundled in free software, silly tricks that are now employed in the installers that mislead users

Run Sega Spikeout Emulator

After many years of evolution, the technology in today’s computer is able to run Sega Spikeout emulator. In this guide I will show you how to run Sega Spikeout emulator in a normal desktop computer. Spikeout is a famous 3D fighting game that does not require a lot of complex combos. This game has superb

Sign Documents Without Printing Them

In this world that is evolving into a paperless digital world, we have come to a point where by people are moving towards digital forms and handouts.  The advantages of such a system is aplenty, you do not need to carry a bulky file full of forms which can get very heavy if you need

Free Tracking Software For Laptop

A laptop is one of the most valuable gadget of your life and I am not referring to the cost of buying it.  The sensitive data you have in the laptop can cost you more then just monetary losses.  You may not be able to answer to your company should the classified data falls into

Free Playstation 1 Emulator for Android ICS

  I am sure that all the geeks out there will know that there is a Playstation 1 emulator for Android since the Froyo days. But ever since Android upgraded to ICS, the trusty FPSE had some compatibility issues that needed some serious revamp. And the worst part of all, the newer versions cost money.

3 Ways to Locate CD Keys In Windows

CD keys are the most important thing in the world. Everytime you buy a new computer, it comes bundled with a full version of Microsoft Office and most importantly, your Windows legit CD key. As time goes by, we tend to lose track of the product CD keys and more than often, having to buy

Different Versions Of Windows 8 Different Versions Of Windows 8

Microsoft is finally cutting down on the different versions of Windows 8, instead of the usual 4 to 6 variants, now we are getting 4 versions. With 2 versions that are actually not of our concern. In this article, I will explain the various Windows 8 versions and shed some light on how you can

Converting Movie To Mobile Format With Subtitles

Converting movie to a mobile format with subtitles has always been something I wanted to do. I do not simply mean loading a srt file or sub file along side with the movie using a player that can do so, I mean coverting the movie to a mobile fomat and the subtitles will be written

Use Android Phone To Control Your Computer

Hello and welcome another tech guide. This is not exactly a guide but rather to let the people out there know what kind of great software we have out there. This post will introduce a type of app that you can make use of that will allow you to control your computer using your Android

Use Android Phone As IP Webcam

This article shows you how to use your Android phone as an IP Webcam. Having an IP webcam can be useful but if you can turn your Android phone into an IP Webcam, won’t that be great? You don’t have to buy another gadget is one plus point, the other advantage will be that you