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Install XP Onto Thumb Drive

Having an operating system running directly off a thumb drive can be a useful concept. One of the most useful feature of running XP directly off a thumb drive is that you can simply hook up that thumb drive to get a functioning operating system in the event your current system crashes due to virus

iPad Browsers

iPad is now the tablet gadget that is gaining popularity as the must have gadget of all time. A lot of users do not know that there are alternative browsers that they can use instead of using the default Safari browser all the time. Some may be wondering if there is a need to be

Mute shortcut key

Most of us will find a mute shortcut key very useful in our everyday life. When a situation arises, like a call or when your boss walks in behind you, it will be better you can turn down the volume very quickly to avoid being looked as if you are slacking on a job. In

Talking Tom Cat Android

The Talking Tom cat is a very interesting app that first appeared in the iPhone market. But now there is also a Talking Tom cat for the Android. Apps have changed the way people use their smartphones. There are entertainment apps and apps meant for work. The Talking Tom cat is an app that is

Toshiba L645

The Toshiba L645 is a good and powerful laptop with a very affordable budget, this Toshiba Satellite L645 is a decent gaming laptop with powerful specs. It comes with a 1.8 GHz AMD Phenom II P820 triple-core processor with 4 gigs worth of DDR 3 rams. The powerful ATI Mobility HD 4250 graphics chip and

Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard Onto Compaq Laptop

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard onto Compaq laptop may sound like a difficult task. Luckily, there is a very easy way to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard onto any laptop without the need to do any complex Mac commands. The whole entire process should be simple enough for anyone to understand even if

Install Android Froyo HTC HD 2

There is a way to install Android 2.2 Froyo onto HTC HD 2. Even though this method is not endorsed by HTC and it will void the warranty. Nevertheless, the end state of installing Android 2.2 Froyo onto HD 2 is very impressive with most of the functions and features working fine. In this article,

iPhone Tips

iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the market as of now. You will see 9 out of 10 users holding on to an iPhone. However, most of them do not know how to use the iPhone to its full potential. A lot of users actually do not know how to fully ultize the shortcuts

Ubuntu Tweaks

We have seen a lot of Windows Tweaks, but what about Ubuntu, here are some of the manual Ubuntu Tweaks that you can do to give your Ubuntu some additional boost in speed and performance. Utilizing multiple cores Ubuntu is not configured to make use of multiple cores, you have to activate them manually. Click

Share files Between Ubuntu 10.04 And Windows as Host Via Virtualbox Shared Folders

Share files Between Ubuntu 10.04 And Windows as Host Via Virtualbox Shared Folders   This article shows you how to¬†Share files Between Ubuntu 10.04 And Windows as Host Via Virtualbox Shared Folders Ubuntu 10.04 with Windows as the host Operating system, you will need to set the configuration for the Virtualbox Shared Folders in the