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Fix Totally Bricked iPad 1 3rd Gen A1430 screen cannot turn on

I have another case here where my friend’s young kids dropped the iPad on the ground.  Thus what I can see is a totally bricked iPad 1 3rd Gen A1430 with a screen that cannot be turned on.  And how bad is the situation?  If it is only a black screen, you might be in

El-Capitan Where is the Recover Deleted items option?

If you delete a photo by accident in El-Capitan, you will be surprised that you can’t seem to find the Show Deleted Items option anymore.  And it makes things scarier when after doing some Google searching, you cannot even seem to locate the “deleted items album”  El-Capitan, where is the Recover Deleted items?   Here

Hackintosh El-Capitan Asus Zenbook 303LN Creating Bootable Thumb Drive

It’s time to do the Mackintosh of El-Capitan on an Asus Zenbook 303LN.  If you had seen my guide on how to install Yosemite, are you ready to upgrade to the next Mac OS X? There are some random glitches and freezes for the Yosemite build and thus, I feel that it is better to upgrade to the

App Store – Device Could Not Be Recognized Fix For Laptops Without Ethernet Port

If you have built a custom Mac, you will soon realize that there will be issues such as Device Could Not Be Recognized when you are trying to sign into the App Store.  There are quite a few services that will require this fix, namely iCloud, iTunes and App Store.  This guide is more relevant to users

Make Ringtones Or SMS Alerts For iPhone

When I purchased my new iPhone, I realized that the alerts are the same, and I knew that I need to make ringtones or SMS alerts for iPhone before I go crazy.  After 3 years of Android, it is time to get a feel of what it is like to be using the iPhone. So

10 Ways to Recycle Old Android Phones

We all have a box of old mobile phones sitting around with no purpose.  There are ways to recycle old Android phones and turn them into functional gadgets with a purpose.  It will save you a lot of money if your Android phone can double up as another household gadget.  In this article, I will

Shut the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

How to shut the Windows 10 upgrade notification?  There are guides out there that will say that you can uninstall an update and it will go away.  However, you must also know how to stop that update from downloading again.  Even if you know how to flag that update aside, there will be chances where

Android Emulators For Windows

There are Android emulators for Windows.  Sometimes, you wish that you can be working and gaming at the same time.  If you need to be monitoring your base in an Android game and you cannot be seen touching your phone, Android emulators for Windows are your savior.  This is exceptionally true when we have Windows

5 Reasons Not To Upgrade Windows 10

Here are my 5 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows 10 is pushing itself right in your face with never ending notifications that irritate the hell of you.  I have held back my updating of the Windows 10 for more then a year.  There are a few reasons why I do not want

10 Windows Tips To Improve Productivity

ere are 10 Windows Tips To Improve Productivity that you did not know that could speed up the work and improve productivity at your workplace or at home. Everytime I see someone struggle with their computer, I could not help but squirm at the fact that there are so many ways that the use of