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Nexus 7 The Latest Jelly Bean Android

Barely few Months after Android Ice Cream Sandwich managed to reach as many people as possible with new handsets running it’s latest 4.0 Android, it instantly reveals intention to release another new operating system Android 4.1 called the Jelly Bean. Looks like it is unable to hold back the retaliation from Microsoft with it’s new

The New BlackBerry 10 Phones

BlackBerry has felt the pressure from the mobile wars. There has been an increased attention and focus on the need for the mobile device to be more capable then just reading emails and scale down browsers. After much holding back for a long time, Research in Motion (RIM) has decided to do a major revamp

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Features

I remember that Mac released Mac OS Lion not too long ago and now it decides to release a newer version called the Mac OS Mountain Lion. It has released a developer preview that you can download from the torrent sites. As usual, Mac will boast that their new operating system comes with hundreds of

The New iPad Features Against Android Tablets

Apple released the latest iPad that is supposed to be known as iPad 3, but it is named The New iPad. Whatever Apple chooses to call it does not interest me. But this article, I am going to spill the beans on how unscrupulous that Apple can be when they decide to market their products.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich New Features

The next Android operating system that is due and in fact is already released on selected tablets and phones is called the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. A lot of people will wonder if upgrading to the next level is worth the hassle. In this article, I will list the new features of the Android Ice

Windows 8 Beta Release Date

Not too long ago, I have written a guide informing the readers out there about the release of the Windows 8 developer preview. While Windows 8 is interesting enough to play with, Microsoft has released information stating that the Windows 8 Beta will be out on the 29th of Febuary. The Windows 8 Beta will

How To Identify Laptops With Sandy Bridge

The new 2nd generation i series CPU is already out in the market. This will result in a huge plunge in older laptops running the older CPU. It will be easy to find laptops that have i 7 cores going below the $1000 mark. If you think that you are getting a bargain out of


Sony is going to release a new portable game console that is going to take on a new name. They are going to call this new portable console the Sony NGP ( Next Generation Portable ). Looks do not differ a lot from the first PSP, but it comes with a lot of better hardware

iPad 2 To Come With Camera

It has been confirmed that iPad 2 has Camera and will be a device that supports FaceTime messaging.  The recent release of iOS 4.3 Beta 2 has revealed even more information that the iPad 2 will come with cameras.  The image from MacRumours.com showed that the home screen had icons that came with apps for