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Playstation 2 Emulator For Mac OS X

This guide shows you how to install the Playstation 2 emulator for Mac OS X. Computers are getting more and more advanced with powerful hardware, so it is possible to turn your Mac computer into a Playstation 2 console. While one may fear treading onto the line line of piracy. No worries, it is not

Connect Keyboard To Android Phone

As an Android user, I wish I can connect a physical keyboard to the device so that I can type faster. An app in the Android Market truly allows you to connect a keyboard to an Android phone. The best part is that it actually allows both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. It is also not

Flash 10.2.apk For Android

News of Adobe flash dropping support for flash spread like wildfire leaving all the Android users utterly disappointed and iPhone fan boys rejocing with glee. They worship their legendary Steve jobs even more then ever for his sharp perspective of the future would be like. But here today, I refuse to bow down in defeat

MorphGear GBA Emulator For Touch Screen Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile GBA emulators are really a problem for touch screen devices, especially devices that are fully touch screen without any directional keys. How is it possible to run an emulator and play it directly off? After messing around and searching around for ages, I finally found a solution for Windows Mobile phones that have

Playstation App Android

Perhaps it is not something amazing anymore to say that I have a PlayStation App on my Android phone. It was previously a dream to think about having a PlayStation App on a phone. But now it is true. I was as skeptical about how good the gaming experience will be on a touch screen,

Use Windows Mobile Phone As Router

Welcome to this article on how to use Windows Mobile Phone as router. Most newer high end models of Windows Mobile smartphones already come with the router software pre-installed. But some lower end models that run Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5 are not given the option to do a Wi-Fi tethering using their Windows Mobile

Cell Phone Apps

Android and iPhone cell phone users will have a list of their most favorite cell phone apps. There are tons of Android and iPhone cell phone apps in the market out there, but only a handful are really actually worth downloading. In this article, I will list all the cell phone apps that I find

Make Animated GIF

I was fretting over how to make a unique animated gif for use in a forum profile some time ago and I wondered if there are users out there who also face such a problem. There are lots of such websites that will make animated gif for you, but these services have a problem, they

Android Wi-Fi Tethering Apps

Wi Fi tethering is a very useful function that can be used on smartphones these days. Android users might not know that there are actually a few good Android Wi Fi tether choices that are free. The good news about Android Wi-Fi tether apps is that they have more features then the Windows mobile counterparts.

Android Tether

Mobile tethering is such a useful feature in all mobile devices. With many users holding on to Android phones, not a lot of talk about how to do tethering for Android is out there in the web. It even seems to be of a non-existant feature. While one may imagine that you may need to