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This site’s core purpose is to provide useful reading material for users out there.  I do not wish to attract spammers or trolls to turn this place into their playground. In order to protect from the ever present threat of being used as some form of SEO target, comments will now be moderated before being posted. I will review the comments as soon as possible and reply to the comments if necessary . There is no need to submit your comment again if it is not appearing right away, it is probably awaiting moderation.


Please do not post  comments like  “Great Post” , “ I Like Your Blog”, “ Good Article”, “Nice info” etc.  Comments that do not seem to be related to the article will also be deleted, unless the person who post the comment did not enter any website URL which means that this person is not out to spam.   Post constructive comments.  Comments that are in the form that  insults anybody, country or are abusive in nature may be deleted or edited.