Guest Posting

Welcome to Computertechplace, it is a pleasure to be posting guides and articles about information that I know.  But as usual, a person’s knowledge is limited and I have decided to allow the community to contribute to this site.  If you wish to contribute articles and posts to this place.  Please do so.  You can register for an account and proceed to type your article right away.  Anyone who has created a new user account will be automatically promoted to a rank of a contributor.  I will review your post after you have submitted it for review and I will approve them if they meet the following factors.


1.  Articles must not be copied content and must pass the Plagiarism checker.  If a particular article fails this check and is too obvious, it will not be approved and will most probably be deleted without warning.  However articles that look similar to another article but re-written may be accepted but on a case by case basis.


2.  Guides that are deliberately written in a manner that carries as a sales pitch are not allowed as well.  You can recommend software, paid or free but I only allow contributors to mention it not more then 5 times and they must not provide links to the source unless it is open source or freeware.  *Note.  Freeware means totally free and not free to download but will expire eventually and you have to pay for it.  If it is a paid for software, you are only allowed to mention it not more then 5 times.


3.  Guides that require extensive amounts of images are allowed, but please compress them to less then 100 kbs.  Please make use of image sites and link it to this place.  I am looking into ways to allow users to upload images.


4.   As this place is a tech based site, please keep your contributions related to computers and tech related.  Please do not post articles way off like fashion or areoplanes.  Any article that is way off the scope will be disallowed.


5.  If a particular article has issues that require amendment, I will post at the end of the article the reasons / areas that require adjustments.  Please edit and re-submit with my comments intact and if there is no problems, I will approve them.


6.  You are allowed to insert your signature at the end of the article stating who you are and your website if you have any.  Please limit your links to less then 3.  Excessive links will be removed.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my guides.  I know my blog is not the best out there and I do have my flaws.  I thank all readers you for your understanding