10 New Features Of Playstation 4

What will the Playstation 4 be like was kept secret as Sony refused to shed light on what it is going to look like of be. After much public pressure, Sony has decided to reveal how the controller is going to look like. Basically, it looks very identical to the Playstation controllers of the past, except that it is going to have a touch pad in between the direction pad and the buttons on the right. However, there are 10 new features of Playstation 4 that are revealed by Sony as an appetizer.



Extra Screens


To give players a more interactive gaming experience, Sony will not limit content to be displayed on the television, instead it will program games to display on multiple screens simultaneously on devices such as the Playstaion Vita and even on tablets. You will be able to carry on playing the game that is from the PS 4 using the Playstation Vista if you need to travel to another area. You will be able to purchase the games via your Android or iPad which will be downloaded to the main device which you are able to play instantly when you get home.


Play immediately


Gone are the days where you will need to wait for the game to be released in the form of a disc, or wait painfully for a few gigs of game data to be downloaded before you can play. The new concept will allow you to play instantly right off the bat the moment you make payment and the rest of the game will be downloaded in the back ground as you are playing the game.




The game console aims to be more than just a device for gaming. It intends to be a entertainment device that allows you to gain access to TV shows and movies. The PS 4 will monitor your preferences and recommend games that are of your interest, and it may even download the game before you even hit the buy button so that you can play right away the moment you choose to pay for it.


New controller


The new improved controller of the PS4 will have longer hand grips and a touchpad built smack in the center of the controller.It even comes with a new share button so that players can upload video game play footage to the web.




Lacking in new innovation


Even though the new PS 4 comes with some additional features, it feels like is a souped up PS3 instead of something that is totally new. Since touch interface is no longer something out of the ordinary, it may not get as much hype or satisfaction if you are expecting more from it.



Zero Backward compatibility


Unlike PS 3 that is backward compatible with PS 2, Sony has decided to remove any form of backward compatibility for older Playstation consoles. The games for PS 4 will be in an entirely new format. Sony did say that certain titles in PS 3 will be ported over to be in PS 4 format. Unfortunately, you will need to pay for games that you have already bought in the PS 3 era.



A Share button on the controller records the last few minutes of the gameplay and uploads it for your friends to see. It will not slow down any of your gaming experience while the recording is in place. Your friends will be able to see your game progress and provide assistance if possible.



Powerful CPU


Even though we do not know exactly what is the hardware specifications of the PS 4, there are some news that state that the PS 4 will use a single chip processor codenamed Jaguar which is an 8 core 64 bit x86. The graphics engine is a next gen Radeon graphics engine that runs at 1.84 Teraflops per second with 8 GB of GDDR 5 system memory


Game Partners


Having special titles like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid is the key winning factor that will make a game console triumph over its competitors. It is confirmed that PS 4 will bring Diablo III over to PS 2 as one of its titles. Sony has also clinched the deal with Bungie, company who created Halo range of games as the triumph card. Of course, we will be expecting the usual titles from companies like Capcom, Ubisoft etc.



Cloud gaming


A new concept in the IT world is to reduce the amount of processing that is required by the console itself. Some of the computing of outcome will be done on the servers before streaming them to the consoles. The company to provide this service is called Gaikai. One of the advantages of this company is that it will allow the new consoles to play older games.


Will there be a big hype when the new PS 4 hits the market, we will not know. One thing that we can be sure of, is that it is time to save money for the new PS 4 and the games if you intend to get one in future.

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