5 Reasons Not To Upgrade Windows 10

Here are my 5 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10.  Windows 10 is pushing itself right in your face with never ending notifications that irritate the hell of you.  I have held back my updating of the Windows 10 for more then a year.  There are a few reasons why I do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 despite the fact that there seemed to be more advantages over not upgrading since it is free.


5 Reasons Not To Upgrade Windows 10


1.  Unstoppable Windows updates

Microsoft has created the biggest self destruct button of all time.  If you cannot stop the updates from downloading and installing on its own.  What are the odds that the laptop or computer runs out of battery and the updates get stopped or interrupted half way.  No operating system offers updates on the fly.  Not Android, not Mac, not a single operating system in the entire history of this era has ever offered a concept where, it behaves like “The ROCK”.  IT DOES NOT MATTER if you want the update now or not.  They are downloading it through and you will have to face a “installing updates, please do not shutdown” like it or not.


2.  Losing your Windows 8.1 Pro

There have been claims that after upgrading, the 8.1 Pro became a Windows 10 Home.  This would be disastrous if you paid $299 for a full product only to end up with a Home edition with comes with a lot of features missing that are actually available back in Vista.  For example, Bitlocker and Joining of Domain is now gone.  There might be a ton of features missing which we do not know.  On the bright side of things will be that the operating system will be much faster.



3.  Lag

This will be very obvious if you have no control as and when the updates will be downloaded and perhaps installed without your knowledge.  Lag is very critical to a serious gamer and WE SHOU NOT TOLERATE ANY FORM OF LAG.


4.  Unsupported hardware

If you have a functioning device which can still be used, but it may have stopped support for newer drivers.  You will have to kiss good bye to that trusty printer or scanner which does not have a Windows 10 driver all of a sudden.


5.  Unsupported software

There will be possibilities of incompatible software.  This is nothing new.  Even cracked software’s may become unregistered or the crack will not work anymore.  You may end up handicapped with all your cracked softwares not working all of a sudden.


Having said that, I do acknowledge the fact that Windows 10 does have improvements.  Like battery life, multi-desktop and bringing back the Start Menu.  However, I feel that the change is very huge.  There is no more control panel and even simple things like dragging a web bookmark url to the Desktop cannot be done.


This is a real killer if you need to help out the elderly who needed shortcuts on the Desktop and the Desktop is the only place they know how to go.

The struggle is real and the learning curve is going to be a little steep.  I believe that you should hold on the upgrade and if you did the upgrade, you  can opt to downgrade via the settings and revert back to 8.1 if you did it within one month,

I recommend that you do all your research to check on all the hardware to see if any of the softwares and devices that you use are Windows 10 compatible.  Once you have prepared all the Windows 10 drivers, then you can proceed to do the upgrade.

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