Android Emulators For Windows

There are Android emulators for Windows.  Sometimes, you wish that you can be working and gaming at the same time.  If you need to be monitoring your base in an Android game and you cannot be seen touching your phone, Android emulators for Windows are your savior.  This is exceptionally true when we have Windows 10, there is a new feature in Windows 10 which is the multi-desktop which allows you to swap desktop in a split second, which means that you can open Android in one entire desktop and work on another.  When your boss walks by, you can instantly flick the Android out of sight.

I am starting to sound odd, this is supposed to be a Android guide, why am I starting to sound as if I am doing a Windows 10 guide?  Anyways, here are some of the Android Emulators for Windows.

Android Emulators For Windows


Bluestacks is one of the very first Android emulator to exist.  In fact, over the years, Bluestack has designed itself to be very optimized for games.  The interface does not look like Android in any way, it looks like a browser with tabbed browsing features.  But that is what it is designed for.  The whole concept of it all, is to allow multiple games to be running at any point in time instead of a real Android where you can only be looking and running one game at any point in time.  So for Bluestacks, you can be be farming and warring at the same time.  And when you get bored, you can be using your keyboard to play fighting games and mouse to play FPS games.  One disadvantage that Bluestacks will have will be that it is very resource intensive and runs slow on lower end systems.


Andy Android

Andy Android is one of the emulators that has the closest look to an Android device in terms of it’s interface and the way it works.  If you use Andy Android, one of the disappointments will be that it cannot run multiple apps at once.  However, one of the best features of Andy Android is that you can download and paste anything into a Windows folder and it will show up in the Android itself.  Simply paste anything you wish to test or run into your Windows c:\users\username\Andy   and you will be able to find it in the ES File Explorer.

A slight disappointment will be ads showing up as sponsors while you use the emulator.



Nox feels like a lighter version of Bluestacks for a faster response time.  If you do not have a powerful computer, or you feel that BlueStacks lags your system, you can opt for Nox.  Some additional features available are screen recording which is very handy if you wish to do game tutorials.  There is also a keyboard mapping feature where by you can do key mappings to the physical PC keyboard.  It works, but I think to work flawlessly, it depends on the game itself.



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