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Mobile tethering is such a useful feature in all mobile devices. With many users holding on to Android phones, not a lot of talk about how to do tethering for Android is out there in the web. It even seems to be of a non-existant feature. While one may imagine that you may need to resort to learning complex commands to get this feature sorted out. The good news is that Android tether exists and there are apps to do this without a lot of hassle.

There are a few things to note though and that is you are required to install the Android tether program in the main computer as well as the app on the phone from the Android market. You will need to install the software for the tether program onto the computer first and proceed to do a reboot before you hook up your Android phone. After hooking up the Android phone, start the app and you will notice the “new hardware found” notification pop up message from the Windows operating system. Simply choose “Install hardware automatically” and it will be able to pick out the drivers meant for the Android tether.

Easy Tether

Easy Tether app does not require the phone to be rooted and that means good news to users who are still too scared to mess with their phone. The free version of Easy Tether does not support the loading of secure sites. The paid version is able to provide tether for game consoles like PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii by using the ethernet jack of your computer. You will need to first tether the internet connection to your desktop computer first and allow internet sharing from the desktop computer. After which, check the option “Enable UDP passthrough” from the Easy Tether app.

Even though Easy Tether has a simple user interface with information on the speed and data downloaded. The overall surfing experience is very impressive and fast.


Similar to Easy Tether, it has a free and paid version. This app is totally free to users outside of US and Canada. Even if you are not affected by the region limitations, the full app has a trial period before it expires. Despite after expiring, you can still use it to do internet tethering, it will not load secure sites. PDAnet is a better app that has a better graphical user interface then Easy Tether. You are able to see how much data has been received and transfered.

This app claims that it is able to handle fast internet connections. You can hook up to wireless hotspots via Wi-Fi and tether that speed over to your laptop. This feature may seem redunant since we might as well use the built in Wi-Fi or usb dongles.

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