Buy Mcore Laptop Or i7 Laptop

The vast range of laptop models can really drown an average consumer.  Mcore, Celeron, i3, i5 ,i7, 3rd gen, 5th gen.  Oh my god.  Should you buy mcore laptop or i7 laptop?  Intel HD graphics or dedicated graphics. In this article, I will show you how to squeeze out more battery juice out of your laptop.

To me, if you do not wish to remember too much, I will say, all you need to care or remember is that i7 is the most powerful engine.  Of course you will need to also take into considerations of the actual core speed, newest generation or not, and how many cores there are in the i7 model.  However, as long as you get an i7 model, you will be assured that your laptop will be a decent model.

Mcore laptops are battery saving models.  The key difference between Mcore and i7 models or any other models that are in between are that the Mcore models will help you regulate and maintain the battery juice even if you do not know how to use the various battery saving features correctly.  In fact, you can close your eyes and use the Mcore laptops from morning till night and you will still have a few hours left over.  However performance and speed wise, it is no match as compared to the i-series.

So the question of the day.

Buy Mcore laptop Or i7 laptop

However, if you are not the sort of person that finds it impossible to find a charging source within the next 5 to 6 hours, there is actually no need for the Mcore.  What a lot of users do not know that they can actually do some tweaking to squeeze additional hours out of the i7 laptop.  At the end of the day, you will be able to get 8 hours easily these days even on the i7 laptops.

Below are some of the suggestions on how to squeeze out additional battery juice.


1.  Adjust the power settings.

There are additional power settings that you can adjust to drop the maximum frequency to its lowest baseline.  Simply click on the battery icon and choose more power options and change it to power saver.  Click on the “change plan settings” followed by “change advanced power settings”

You will be able to see that you can actually drop the maximum frequency percentage to 5 or 10 percent.  This will make a 2.5 Ghz processor run at 0.25 Ghz based on technical calculations.  However, most processors are manufactured to drop to at least half of its max frequency.  So you will get a 1.25Ghz processing power.  This will save you a lot of battery life because by running at half the speed, it is as fast as most of the Mcore chips.  Even if the Mcore chips support turbo boost.  Then simply switch your power settings to high performance to achieve the same.   In fact, the i7’s balance setting will easily be much faster than an Mcore’s turbo boost.


2.  Adjust brightness.

You can always lower the brightness as much as you can, as most of the time, you are in the shade while you are working on the laptop.  Who works under the hot sun anyway?


3.  Use external screen.

When the situation permits, attach an external screen as the power needed to light up the LCD screen will be transferred to the monitor freeing up more battery to be used for computing.


4.  Select Integrated Graphics as the main rendering hardware.

This is also one of the most left out setting in most laptops.  In case you have 2 graphic cards in one machine, there is a purpose.  Simply start the graphics control panel, for example, the Nvdia control panel.  You will be able to see the graphic card being used as the main device.  Choose Integrated Graphics and it will save a lot of battery power.


In summary, my conclusion is to purchase the better i7 CPU instead of the Mcore.  You can always get laptop battery packs or extra battery in extreme cases to compensate for the much needed working time, but you can not do anything to get the added firepower once you have made the decision to buy a slower machine.  If you pick a good i7 machine, it can easily take you 6 years or more.  But if you pick a wrong one, you may end up changing every 2 years.  What might seem like saving your dollars now, is actually wasting 3 times more down the road.



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