Call SMS Privacy App For Android CATE

Back then you wished you can have some call SMS privacy app for Android so that your spouse will not mess with your phone when you are in the shower and finds out about secret calls or messages.  There is this new call sms privacy app for Android called the CATE in short.  Call and text eraser is the full name of this app.  This app is going to get all the guys out there who are “smooching” around screaming “HELL YEAH”.  Get the devs a beer.  Lets take a look at what this CATE, call and text eraser app can do for you.

source : Google Play Store CATE APP



Call SMS Privacy App For Android CATE


1.  CATE – Edit / Add contacts to your blacklist.

Now this app allows you to assign contacts that you do not want to show up in the “default contact” list.  In other words, if anybody browses and scrolls your contacts, they will not see this contact at all in the first place, but it is in your device.


2.  CATE – Erase all call logs and SMSes that are set to be hidden

In case of emergencies, you can quickly flush any thing that is related to the blacklisted contact and there will be not a single trace left behind.  And you do not have to worry about looking suspicious about erasing the call logs and SMSes one by one because there are “shortcuts” that you can pre-define before hand.  For instance, call 2345 and it will instantly do the command that is associated with that number.


3.  CATE – Stealth mode

This app will run totally hidden, you cannot even see the app from the add/remove programs.  And it is able to intercept the calls and SMSes from the blacklisted contacts without anybody knowing that the contact has called you.  In fact, you can set it to forward the call to voice mail, auto-reply an SMS on your behalf, it even helps you to execute a pick up and hang up move so that the user cannot leave a voice message.


If it does intercept all voice mail and incoming SMSes, you can start the CATE app later by keying a pre-defined number and sync all the messages or voice mail and listen to them.  You can instantly shut CATE by giving your phone a shake and it hides itself without a trace.


4.  CATE – Fake notifications

You can set a fake notification to pop up on your screen or not to do so.  This is so that you know that the hidden contact has tried to contact you.  Of course this is dangerous too, if the contact is calling constantly and like 60 times an hour, your phone will show fake notification such as a “facebook” push beep non stop for the last hour, which will also mean your doomsday is near.  Best to turn it off when you are home.  LOL.


There’s a whole lot of extra options that I feel that it is not really worth talking too much about.  Such as resetting of the secret pin, sending a reset message to yourself etc.  Personally I feel that this Call SMS Privacy App For Android CATE is practically the power of the great Jesus in your hand.  Well, what can I say when a super genius came up with such an app, he must have had a ton of girls to go after work.  Enjoy this app my friends.



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