Control iPhone With VR Gear While Watching Youtube

With so much hype going on with regards to VR and the Samsung gear and the emergence of cheaper VR headset that you can buy for less than $50 dollars, I don’t see much talk about VR and Apple products.  Samsung VR has taken off, so I wonder what happens if you are an iPhone user and is it possible to control the iPhone with VR Gear while watching Youtube?  I was trying to figure out if there is a possibility to force the Youtube to load only a certain playback quality.  I was just toying the idea of creating a playlist and after which, stream the videos in the form of a playlist, and you will get some form of mp3 playlist that you can listen to without having to subscribe to a service or buy the song if you do not intend to really buy every single song off the planet.  I stumbled on a Youtube app option by accident and I realized that Youtube is fully VR ready for all videos.  That is where I decided that it might be the time to go more in-depth with the use of VR with a much more practical sense.


Control iPhone With VR Gear While Watching Youtube


The problem. – Taking the phone in and out after playing a video.

You see, the reason why VR has not taken off with everyone going bonkers over is because it is not practical.  You will have to take the phone off the VR and select your next video, after which you will have to put it back, there is not even a feature that will allow you to control with your eyes or do some form of aim and select to go to the next video.  But now, apparently, Youtube has created this feature.

Simply launch the Youtube app and play any video.  Tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner and choose Cardboard.



Pop the iPhone into your VR gear and simply swipe a magnet over the top of your VR gear.  Watch this video to see how it is done.



Do note that there will be a blue dot which is your mouse. Aim at the play or next video option and swipe the magnet once with will equate to the action of a mouse click.

Now you can enjoy the iPhone VR experience and control the iPhone with VR Gear while watching Youtube without having to take the iPhone in and out all the time.  This method supports all 3rd party VR gear so that you do not have to blow your pocket for any expensive VR Gear.


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