Dual Boot Asus ZenBook 303LNB Hackintosh Yosemite With Windows 8

This is a guide on how to install and do a Dual Boot Asus ZenBook 303LNB Hackintosh Yosemite With Windows 8.  Just in case you have seen the last article on how I Hackintoshed an Asus Zenbook 303LNB, it would make perfect sense to follow up on a guide on how to do a dual boot Windows 8 on this Hackintosh.  And so here we go.

This guide will not be as extensive as the previous guides.  Since it will be pointless to be long winded as the installation steps are already in the earlier guides.  This guide will be more on the chronological order on the steps to install.

Just in case you do not have a Mac to begin with all the building of the bootable installer drive.  Don’t worry, just review the old guides on how to start a Snow Leopard on a Windows PC via Virtualbox to get started.

Dual Boot Asus ZenBook 303LNB Hackintosh Yosemite With Windows 8

Here are the links to the articles if you need them.

SnowLeopard guide

Asus Hackintosh guide


With reference to the guide, there will be some differences.

MBR install

  1. Install the Mac OS but do not install Clover yet onto the laptop HDD
  2. You will have a Mac OS within the Asus HDD except that it is not bootable
  3. Insert a Windows installer CD or USB and proceed to install
  4. Once you are done installing Windows, you will notice that Windows is now the main OS
  5.  Insert the Mac thumb drive and select that as the boot device.
  6. You will be able to select Windows or Mac now using the USB Mac thumb drive.
  7. Choose the Mac HDD
  8. Inside the Mac, you may now proceed to install Clover and finish up the installation as per guide


UEFI install

  1. Install the Mac OS and install the Clover portion as well.
  2. You should see Clover with a few boot options
  3. Boot a UEFI Windows CD and install
  4. If you are unable to install onto the Fat partition, restart the PC and use Clover to load the blank partition.  The UEFI CD will auto load and take over.
  5. You should be able to get a dual boot of Windows 8 and Mac in a single Asus Zenbook now.


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