Fix iOS 10 Swype update failed issue

Swype keyboardFor those users who purchased Swype while you are using iOS 9, you will notice that there is a strange bug that will plague the Swype keyboard after upgrading to iOS 10.  For some reason, the Swype keyboard will not load up, all you get is a grey background.  You will only get the Swype keyboard back after multiple attempts to hide the keyboard and making it show again.  The most shocking of this bug is that the entire Swype app disappears from your iPhone even though the Swype keyboard exists as one of the switchable keyboards.  This makes it impossible to do a uninstall and re-install of the app.  What’s more infuriating was that I am unable to do an uninstall or upgrade even after locating the Swype app in the Apple store.  There is an update option, but it will always complete the update, but I can never see the Swype app being updated in the end.  You will realize that the Swype app is always in a state of “update available” in the Apple store.  And of course, the problem of the Swype keyboard will be still there.  So, here’s how to fix the Swype keyboard without having to do an iPhone reset.  Hope it will help those who are using Swype.


Step 1 – Switch all the keyboards back to the original Apple keyboard.

You will have to run through every single app that you have used Swype with, facebook, browser, SMS messenger, Whatsapp.  If you have used Swype even in your notes app, yep, switch them all back.  This includes advanced apps like those that allow you to make payment with.


Step 2 – Check through all of them to make sure that the settings stay

Run through all the apps that you have changed to the original keyboard and make sure it stays as the original keyboard.  Close the apps and re-launch, don’t be surprised, it will jump back to Swype or a gray background.  Keep doing it until it stays.  If it does not stay, keep changing.  If the question you are asking is “what?, Seriously?”, Yes, Seriously.


Step 3 –  Close all applications and proceed with the Swype update via the Apple Store.

If need be, restart the phone and do the purge cache.  Which means, press and hold the power button and wait for the slider that allows you to turn off your phone.  But do not turn off the iPhone, hold on to the home button and wait until the iPhone goes back to the main screen.  Now you can proceed to update the Swype.  If it fails to update, you will need to check through all your apps to see if there are any more apps that are stuck with the Swype keyboard.


At this point, the Swype keyboard should be successfully updated and your Swype icon and logo will come back on the iPhone.  And the Swype bug will be fixed.  Perhaps, it will be better to uninstall the Swype before any iOS update.  Install back the Swype after the successful OTA update.


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