Futuristic Looking Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for something that looks classy which will turn heads, look no further.  The futuristic looking Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker is here.  This speaker looks like the Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10 Speaker but with an added touch of class.



Mars Levitation Speaker White

Source : Amazon

In fact, it looks like Eve from the movie Wall – E to a certain degree.  If you have great designing skills, you can add some hands and even construct a face to make the top portion look like the real thing.  I am sure, in time to come, 3D printers will be something really common in our daily life.  It won’t be difficult to create one.


This Futuristic Looking Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker only weighs 6kgs and has a built-in battery.  It is even waterproof.

Just take a look at the video on this product when it is in use.


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