Healthy No Hassle Cooking With Tefal ActifFry

If cooking is your weakest link, fear no more, you can whip up healthy no hassle cooking with Tefal ActiFry.  This Tefal ActiFry is a new concept in cooking where by it  does not require any use of naked flame and unlike other convenient cookers such as microwave or air fryers.  It allows multiple types of cooking in a single chassis.  Most cookers allow you to use it either to fry or use it for soupy dishes, this one allows both types of cooking.  No cooking knowledge required.  Just toss it in, push a button and wait for the timer.



The reason why you can have healthy no hassle cooking with Tefal ActifFry, it cooks food by boiling water and using the hot air generated to cook the food.  An automated stirring paddle moves the food continuously to ensure that the food is cooked evenly.  The automated stirrer is the secret that makes this device stands out against the other automated cookers that allows total noobs at cooking to cook stews and curry.  Making fries is as easy as cutting them into slices and dumping them in.  You can easily grab bags of pre-cut ready made fries from the super market if you are really someone who does not know how to use a knife.  In less then 45 mins, crispy fries that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is what you get.


Even though an automated stirrer is inbuilt in this device, exercise some basic cooking discipline unless you want your food to turn out like food from a prison cell.  It is advisable to put the garlics and onions first for 5 mins, after which raw meat for another 5 mins and finally the veges and sauces.  A slight issue with this device is that the water will dry out pretty quickly, so you will need to add water as and when you feel that there is a need to.


Washing this Tefal ActifFry is simple as it is designed to be dish washer friendly.  Don’t worry too much about recipes, it comes with a recipe book with 38 recipes, which is more then enough for you to last one month with a different dish everyday.  This Tefal ActiFry is really suited for the busy folks in the fast lane of the current generation.


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