How To Boost 3G or 4G Signal Strength Of Dongles

If you are someone like me who survives via mobile broadband, then this is the guide for you.  In this guide, I will show you how to boost 3G or 4G signal strength of dongles.  Do not think that I am going to recommend a simple app that is going to help locate the nearest transmitter station and tries to stay connected to that one station.  I am going to show you how to really enhance the signal via some simple DIY workarounds and concepts.   In case you are wondering, how much can the signal be improved.  If you 3G or 4G network is not stable or fasts enough, meaning to say, it will stay stuck at a “waiting for site” before it loads, it will improve by a huge notch.  For a quick preview as to how strong a signal can be optimized.  Take a look at this speed test pic of a 3G network via a dongle.

3G speed test


I know the download speed and upload speeds are not impressive, but I want you to focus on the ping which is 50.  I would like to highlight that most 3G pings will be around 70 for the usual norms, and 100 over for low grade ones.  In case you are not impressed as these days, we are talking about pings that are 10 to 20 for fibre broadbands.  However, we must remember that there was a point in time where 50 ping was the standard for playing counterstrike across the server.


Lets take a look at a 4G ping .

4G ping


To put it simply, the optimization can be worth the hassle and if getting an expensive fibre is not your options, a 4G optimized concept can be applied in situations such as if you are serving the army or working in a place where you do not have access to a wired solution.


How To Boost 3G or 4G Signal Strength Of Dongles

Step 1 – Things you will need.

1) A signal amplifier


2) An antenna ( one of those that we use for TV with a proper connector, also optional but if you really get one, it will increase the stability of the connection by much more)  – Highly recommended to get


3) Some real simple wires, hard ones not the soft and flexible types, soft and flexible wires can be used if you are really skillful in inserting into the dongle which is literally impossible, really thin types, get the thinnest you can possibly find.  Thickness comparable to a paper clip


3) A router ( optional )


Now before we get anywhere, I know some readers are gonna jump right at me going, this article is fuck shit.  Mobile  frequencies are at 2000 Mhz and above and I am using a TV frequency booster which is totally retard.  For me, I took a gamble.  I was wondering if it would help, if not, I will opt for the real boosters which costs a lot more then the simple TV boosters.  If it does not boost or help much, then I am sorry to say, you have to get the real mobile booster.  Just the box, there’s no real need to get the entire set of antennas, as we can use any salvageable parts from an old TV.

cell phone booster

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Step 2 – Assemble them up

There will be the input and output jacks, connecting it up will be pretty straight forward, the antenna for TV will be connected to the input of the booster and the output will go to the dongle.  Now a little slight issue here will be that there is no proper connector for the dongle to talk about.  Unless you want to pay more for the real parts from the original manufacturer, we won’t doing so.  As my philosophy of all time is to help the users save money while achieving what they need to get.

For the input area, I suggest getting real AV connectors to connect the antenna into the booster.  It will be worth the effort and money.  If you do not make a proper connector for the antenna, this whole setup will be a waste of your time.  Bring it to a hardware shop and have them make a proper connector at the end of your antenna.

TV connectors

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For the output, you can simply insert the wire directly and have it sticking out.  The rest of the wire, simply coil and wrap it around your dongle.  If your dongle has the antenna ports, connect it in.





Move your Antenna and find the best spot. While doing speed tests to determine if the position is good.  One trick for you is that you can download an app for your phone that reports the signal strength in dBm.  Move the phone around.  The value will be around -100 dBm to -69 dBm lower, once you have located the point with the strongest signal, you can start to put your antenna there and find the best location via trial and error.

If you have the roof antenna with a port in the house, then there is no need for the extra antenna.  Simply connect directly to the wall socket.


Once you are done, enjoy the 3G connection at its best capabilities and optimized to the fullest.  I hope this guide on how to boost 3G or 4G signal strength of dongles is very useful to all readers out there.

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