How to clear iPhone Photos Fast?

How many photos and videos do you receive in a day?  Given the amount of Selfies you are taking and sharing, I do not even want to mention the amount of food photos that you have to snap.  We have first world problems right here.  How to clear iPhone photos fast?

There’s actually a lot of time in our hands to clear off all the photos that are in the phone, you can do this while you are travelling to work, and you do not have to be clearing one by one.  There is a way to clear photos really fast without having to even connect to the iTunes.


You can do mass clearing via the Photos app.  Press the “Select” option at the top right corner of the screen.  Now imagine that you are trying to do a pattern unlock on your screen now using each of those individual squares as a tile.  Or you can imagine that you are playing games that require you to grow crops at a farm, and you are now planting new crops.  Watch what happens.

You can extend and drag your finger all the way to the bottom and you will be able to select hundreds of pictures in no time.  Imagine clearing out so much in a split second.



Just do some clearing every now and then, you should be able to free out more space in your phone than you ever imagined.


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