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The iPhone itself is not only a mobile device but a camera. Many people take photos without digital cameras anymore. Therefore, there is an increase in demand for iPhone photo editing apps. Many people prefer the ease of use of such software where by filters can be applied instantly to a photo that was taken a few seconds ago. Instagram is one such example of a simple iPhone photo editing app that simplifies the whole photo editing process. But some users may want more advance features with more control over what they want. This is where such advanced iPhone photo editing apps come in.

ColorTime for iOS 6


This app was created by Mr Jerome Dewhurst, a professional who does color grading for Hollywood flims. ColorTime offers customisation controls that you can find in desktop softwares. This is very unlike the average photo editing softwares that only apply someone elses setting onto your photo. This ColorTime app allows you to have full control over how you want your photos to look.

Source : itunes.apple.com

Unknown to the common folks, professional movie color grading goes through a process where by professionals will use a console with 3 controls that can be adjusted like mouse with trackballs on top. This will allow the image technicians to manipulate the image digitally with great precision. This concept is not passed down to the consumer photography tier because you can never come a wee bit close when it comes to the user interface since we have only keyboards and mice.

However, with the development of touch screen devices, such controls can be implemented and thus came the iPhone photo editing app, ColorTime. Where a floating menu “that looks like a Chrome browser icon” stays on top of the picture that is being edited and you can move the floating menu about as you edit the photo. The floating menu is a multi-function ball that you can adjust shadows, highlights and more.

It comes with features that allows users to select or paint specific areas of an image which makes it look like a mobile version of photoshop. You can also crop and upload the finalized image to various social media platforms.

This app is only useful to those who know what they are doing, otherwise the average photophile may find this ColorTime app an overkill.

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