iPhone Tips

iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the market as of now. You will see 9 out of 10 users holding on to an iPhone. However, most of them do not know how to use the iPhone to its full potential. A lot of users actually do not know how to fully ultize the shortcuts in the iPhone. Knowing all these shortcuts will not only enable you to text faster but also improve on the overall iPhone usage experience.

1. Taking screenshot

It is possible to take a screenshot of your iPhone and this feature is very handy if you happen to see something you want to take down such as a web content or simply a high score of the game you are currently playing. You might want to show that to your friend later. Simply hold the Top button and tap the Center button once. The screen will blink and that means a screenshot has been saved.

2. Music shortcut

You can have access to the music very quickly without unlocking the phone. Simply tab the Home button twice when your phone is locked and you will be able to play your music on the fly.

3. Listening to audio off a video

You are actually able to listen to just the audio of a video clip. This is very useful if you intend watch a news clip and you only need to hear the voice. First you need to start the video playing first. Hit the Top button to lock your phone. Now your video has closed down. Tap the Home button twice to bring up the media playing buttons and you now can play the audio of the video file you have just closed.

4. Mute

If your iPhone starts ringing in the most inconvienent situation and you need to quickly shut it up, press the center button or the volume buttons to mute it quickly.

5. Zoom with ease

To zoom with 2 fingers takes quite some skill. If you are not so skillful in zooming with one hand, you can use 2 hands to do a proper zoom in and zoom out. Use one hand as the fixed stationary hand and the other hand to either do a slide inwards to the center or outwards.

6. Taking a proper picture

You may find yourself taking blurry pictures using the iPhone. But there is a way to take some decent pictures. Press and hold your finger onto the shutter icon. Hold your breath and release your finger slowly without moving your hand. You can use 2 hands to stablize the phone.

7. Extra characters and puncuations

In the days when we use normal mobile phones, we will press a button repeatedly to change between letters or reveal more symbols. For advanced models, we have a a delicated menu to insert those symbols. For iPhone, you can press and hold on to individual letters and the puncuation icon to reveal more letters. Silde your finger to the character you wish to insert and release. The character will be inserted and the keyboard will also revert to typing mode instantly.

8. Scroll with ease

It is tedious to scroll all the way to the top for apps like Safari when you want to key a new URL. There is a quick way to make the app jump right to the top. Simply tab the “Time” at the top center part of the iPhone. It works for other apps that supports this feature.

9. Adding words to the dictionary

Any word that is completed and inserted during the texting phase will get included into the dictionary.

10. Organizing your apps

There are so many apps all over the place. You might want to group apps of a certain category at a single page. Simply touch and hold the app and it will start to shake. Touch and drag it to the place you want it to be. Release your finger to drop the app into position. You can drag left and right across pages and even drag the apps on the dock out to be replaced with your favourtie apps. Drag and drop one app onto another and it instantly creates a folder so that you have group apps into a folder.

11. Lock in potrait mode

The i-OS 4 has a new feature for you to lock the phone in potrait mode. This will come in handy if you are lying on your bed and you need to read the news without the display switching between landscape and potrait all the time because you are not holding it properly. Tap the Home button twice. Swipe to the right to reveal the icons on the left. Touch the grey icon lock icon and your phone will be locked in potrait mode.

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