Logitech iPhone Controller Powershell Controller + Battery

If gaming on a flat surface is unable to give you the real feel of how gaming should be, Santa has just the present for you.  The Logitech Powershell Controller which is a device that snaps to your iPhone which instantly turns your device into a true mobile gaming console, and that’s not all, it comes with the ability to charge your iPhone.  The best part of it all is that this product is only going to sell for around $99 USD.  For a device that allows you to use it as a game pad and a portable charger in one.  This price is absolutely affordable.  Imagine getting a good quality Bluetooth gamepad on its own would have cost you more then $99.  Lets take a look at some of the features of this gadget.


Source : Logitech.com

Source : Logitech.com


Ease of use

If you are wondering how to configure this hardware.  Its going to be so easy to use it that even a total idiot at tech is going to know how to use it.  Just snap it on and it works.  No configuration required.  Plug and play, except that this is Apple’s version.  No apps to download.


Compatible across iPhone and iPod Touch

You can use this on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPod touch (5th generation).  Sorry to the folks who own iPhone 4S and below, I guess new technologies do with new hardware.  Oh and by the way, iPhone 5C is also not supported due to its slightly thicker build.  Android users can opt for the Moga Ace Power which is another similar product.  There’s another version which happens to support iPhone 5C



Compatible across 300 games and more

There is a list of compatible games that will work with this controller.  So don’t start suing Logitech for lying if some of the games do not work on this controller.  Nevertheless, I believe the controller will be the saviour to racing games, fighting games, Fifa etc.


Charging on the go

This Logitech Powershell Controller + Battery comes with a micro usb cable for you to top up the juice should it run out of battery.  It will first charge your iPhone first before charging the Controller.  So you can still opt to bring an extra power bank for extra gaming juice.


Pros and Cons?

I would say that this gadget is a worth while investment if you are a gamer.  Otherwise it is not worth getting one.  Cons would be that using this controller would mean that you are not allowed to use any protection cover which would put your device at risk of damage should you drop it.


This Logitech Powershell Controller will be the best Christmas present for any kid with the iPhone.  If you are scratching your head on what to buy?  Here’s one item off the list.


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