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I was fretting over how to make a unique animated gif for use in a forum profile some time ago and I wondered if there are users out there who also face such a problem. There are lots of such websites that will make animated gif for you, but these services have a problem, they either have time or frame limits or come with a watermark on the animated gif. Therefore, scouring the internet, I found out a PC software that can make animated gif for free and the best part is that this PC software is able to make animated gif up to one entire movie length. But of course, having animated gif of such a length is ridiculous, but still we know that we love lengthy animated gifs.

I have attached the file in this article. Download and run the MovieToAGIF.exe software. The best part about this software is that it does not require any installation and it works with multiple video file types.


This free software program is easy to use and self explainatory. Simply click on “File” followed by “Open movie”. Navigate through your file directory and select the video file you wish to covert to animated gif.

You will notice that there are 2 wavy brackets at the ends of the time line. These 2 brackets are the frame markers for you to set where you wish to set the start and end of the video to create the animation. Simply drag it to the time you wish to set and click the individual bracket once to set the frame there, you can repeatedly change the frame till you are happy with the end result.

You will notice that there are actually 4 timings at the lower left portion of this free software. The first 2 are your set timings. The other 2 are the timings of the current frame you are now viewing. Once you have set the frames you want as the animated gif. Click on the “Export” followed by “Export to animated GIF”

The whole selected video will be automatically resized to a size small to be used in forum avatars. If you find it difficult to mark the frames to create a complete vide, one tip is to create one video of what you wish to use as your avatar with free softwares like Windows movie maker for example. Then use this program to just export it to GIF.

I hope this guide on how to make animated GIF is useful to computer geeks out there.

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