Mute shortcut key

Most of us will find a mute shortcut key very useful in our everyday life. When a situation arises, like a call or when your boss walks in behind you, it will be better you can turn down the volume very quickly to avoid being looked as if you are slacking on a job. In the past, I would connect the speaker on it’s own to single a power socket, so when the need arises, I will flick the on/off switch quickly to turn off the speaker. But this is also risky, accidents do happen and I may end up shutting down the wrong device such as the computer itself.

Luckily, there is such a freeware on the web that allows me to create a mute shortcut key. This program is called “Sound Control“. You can customize a series of various shortcuts to raise or lower the volume. It even allows controlling of surround speakers, side speakers on it s own. This freeware is very small and does not take a lot of resources.

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