Play Dynasty Warriors PSP On Android

The power of Android has always been nothing short of amazing.  And in less than 5 years since Android became a popular mobile device.  Now we are able to play Dynasty Warriors PSP on Android.  I kid you not.  I know this sounds like a crazy claim, when I first got it running on my device, I thought it was a dream and it would be gone the very next day once I woke up.  But this is true and in this guide, I will show you how you can play Dynasty Warriors PSP on Android.

First of all, you will need a pretty bad ass Android phone.  At least a mobile phone that has multiple cores of at least 1.5 Ghz with a graphics chip capable of playing games like Despicable me run with ultra graphic requirements.  Generally, any phone that is within the Samsung S4 range should be able to handle.

Play Dynasty Warriors PSP On Android

Secondly, you will need quite a lot of free space on the phone.  Well, the game is 1.2 Gigs in size.  Shrugs.  You can try putting the game in the external SD but I do not know how much impact it will be on the speed of the gameplay.  It all depends on how fast your SD card is.

Download the emulator.

PPSSPP.  This emulator is free.  I will attach it in this article.  There is also a paid version, which has the same functions as the free version.  Just that if you feel that this emulator is awesome, you should pay it some coffee money.

Next, download the game from ….  Well, Google is your friend.

The easy part is to install the app.  The hard part will be the configuration.  When I first tried to play it the emulator crashed.  But there are some magical configurations you have to do and Volia, it works


STEP 1 – Start the app and load the game

The purpose of this is to let the emulator attempt to load itself up at least once.  For me, it will crash and exit the app.


STEP 2 – Start the app again and configure

You will notice that the game is now listed as one of the recent games.  Tap on the Settings




Scroll all the way to the bottom and put a tick on software rendering first





Tap back and run the game again.  If it crashes, close the app and restart.  Check if the software rendering is still checked and re-run the game.  This time round, you should be able to at least see some start up of the game before it probably crashes out again.


Step 3 – Extra settings.

Once again, enter the settings menu, and set the following

Graphics, Change Mode from non buffered rendering to buffered rendering.

Frame rate control – Choose frame skip 1 and choose autoframe skip

Performance – Put ticks on Lazy texture caching, Retain Changed textures and low quality splines and bezier curves.

Click on System – Fast memory , put a tick there.  ( if unstable then remove the tick)  The game ran smoother for me with this option checked

Once you can get the game running, quit the game and go settings, = Untick the Software Rendering.  Now it should be very smooth.


Step 4 – Run the game again.

At this point in time, you should be able to play the game.  If you find the game laggy, just restart the phone and after that make sure the settings are still there when you start the PPSSPP again.

Enjoy Slashing the enemies on the go man.  By the way, there is a controller app called Sixaxis that allows you to pair an original PS 3 controller to the phone for a more realistic hardcore game play then trying to control via a touch screen.  You can also opt for those Android snap on controllers which will help a lot too.  The power of Android is in your hands.  I hope you will enjoy playing Dynasty Warriors PSP on your Android.






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