Prevent Installing Of Malware From Free Software

uncheckyIf only we can prevent installing of Malware from free software, how many times did you get a unwanted piece of junk software in your computer that you did not install.  Even if you know that such software’s are bundled in free software, silly tricks that are now employed in the installers that mislead users into clicking yes instead of no such as swapping the positions of the Yes and No, or reversing the way a question is being asked will result in most of us installing the software by mistake. Thankfully, a new software is able to help reduce the possibilities of such occurrence without you even having to even spend any brain juice at all.  This software will do the work for you.

Introducing Unchecky, a free software that every single software / advertising piece of software in the world will hate.  Unchecky comes with a few wonderful features.



1) Unticks unrelated check boxes on your behalf.

Unchecky will uncheck the ticks on behalf of you without you having to do anything.  Don’t be dumb founded if you find check boxes being unchecked when you are installing a piece of software.  It is not a programming error but rather Unchecky doing its magic behind the scene.


2) Warns you that a notice or a prompt is actually a spam or advert

Most of these software’s now come bundled with additional browser prompts.  So that if you managed to dodge the first prompt, the second one will get you.  Since a prompt is not in the form of a checkbox, you may fall for it and end up installing the program through other means.


3) Unchecky will update automatically on its own so that you will have the latest updates on the latest bloat software out there.


Unchecky is a must have for the less tech user who is often plagued by additional software that is often forced down the users throat by exploiting their weakness in not being able to tell between legit or unwanted software.


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