Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT is now hitting the market shelves with a lot of media propaganda.  What is so different about this Microsoft Surface RT?  Is it a laptop?, Tablet?.  In this article, I will state some of the pros and cons of Microsoft Surface RT.

Specifications first, this device has a 1.3 Mhz quad core ARM cortex A9 CPU with a Nvidia Tegra 3 GPU. This is a tell tale sign that the device is going to be very similar to a tablet. Since it is just a tablet, what makes this Microsoft Surface Tablet stand out against the two titans in the tablet world, Android and the iPad.


Microsoft addresses the areas where Apple and Android failed to tackle.


1) The full Desktop Flash support


The flash installed in this Windows RT will not be the one for mobile. Talking about Flash for mobile, with Apple refusing to have any support for Flash and Android dropping Flash in Jelly Bean and above. The only tablet that you can ever find with full Flash support will be the Microsoft Surface.


2) A portable physical keyboard

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Microsoft finds a way to include the keyboard together with the Microsoft Surface so that the user will not find it bulky. You can choose between a touch keyboard cover or a type keyboard cover. Both of these choices double up as a screen protector when you are on the move and it attaches itself to the back via magnets when you need it to be out of the way. If you need to use it as a keyboard, simply flip it to be lying flat on the table and 6 mini connectors will allow you to connect the keyboard to the Microsoft Surface and the whole tablet turns into a laptop. If the touch or type keyboard covers are not that easy to use since it is lacking the tactile feel to it. USB ports are available on the Microsoft Surface so that you can connect real full sized keyboards to it.


3) Full Desktop version of Microsoft Office.


The last trump card that makes this Microsoft Surface one powerful contender is a full Desktop Microsoft Office which never be found in any of the tablets out there. If you need a lightweight tablet that has the functionality of a Desktop computer. Nothing will come this close as compared to the Microsoft Surface.


The Microsoft Surface was able to last 7 hours with a video looping non stop with full brightness, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth turned on. Imagine the amount of working hours you can squeeze out of this device if you actually do it purely just for work and putting it into standby mode every now and then.


Cons of the Microsoft Surface


While I may be singing praises non stop for almost 75% of the whole article, this Microsoft Surface is not without flaws. For one, you must accept the fact that it is not a real laptop and it will not allow you to install a single Desktop software such as Photoshop or Play Diablo 3. You are limited to Apps that are to be downloaded via the Microsoft apps store. Since it is on its own, you may not be able to find popular app titles that you can find in Android or Apple.


With that, I leave it to the individuals to decide if it is worth your buck to buy a Microsoft Surface. It is not too expensive for a device with such capabilities. At least it is cheaper by half as compared to an iPad.

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