Secrets To Throwing Curve Pokeballs

Throwing curve poke balls are not hard, today I will reveal some of the secrets to throwing curve poke balls.  I started playing this game being the least interested person of everyone around me.  I was merely someone who played because the whole world was playing, and you will look like an alien if you are not spinning poke stops or having that app on your phone.  For the most part, why are some of the players quitting this game, it is because as the game progress on, it is literally impossible to catch anything without doing a curve ball throw, don’t even get me started on those damn legendary ones that stand so far away until it feels like you are throwing straight but the X-Men Magneto is trolling you by deflecting your ball aside.  I will include videos with explanations to demonstrate the concept on how to throw a Pokeball and be a pro.  At least you can prepare yourself and practice hard before the next wave of Pokemons.


1.  The short distance curve ball.

This way of throwing is actually redundant if as long as you can throw the sideway curving balls that I will be explaining below.  This way of throwing is mainly to catch those low tier ones that tend to stand so close to you.  It is very difficult to bag a curve plus nice or great throw on Ratattas or Weedle.  The trick is to move up and down or in a circular motion till you see the spinning stars and release gently.  In the event you see the ball flying off to the right or left, do a very minute slight left or right to compensate the deviation.

2.  The curve balls

The way to move your thumb in a circular motion, like drawing 2 circles before darting your thumb out in a straight line really fast.  There must be a contrast in the speed between the circular motion and the moment you toss the ball out.  So, where do you aim when you are tossing the ball out?  How far is far, how near is near?

You must toss the ball towards the side while using the feet of the Pokemon as the gauge for the distance to release your finger.  Your finger must not hit the edge or end of your screen or that will send the ball flying out to the side.  The movement must also be fluid and at no point in time, your hand should stutter and result in random pauses while you are throwing.

Don’t over do the throw by trying to draw like 10 to 20 circles, draw 2 circles max and throw it off.  You can draw or create those circular motions in much bigger and irregular shapes, the focus is not about how beautiful your circle is, move your hand gestures in oval shapes, big circles so that the system can capture your movement.  I have seen those people that I tried so hard to teach, drawing the smallest circle like they are afraid that they will be breaking the law for large movements.


3.  Long distance curve balls

This is the hardest of them all, master this move and you will be able to take on the rare Pokemon out there, like Rapidash or Charizard.  You can practice this move on Zubats who tend to be far back.  The focus here on throwing such long distance curve balls is that the speed when you hurl the ball out must be insanely fast, and drag your finger diagonally across the entire screen.  How fast do you have to pull it off?  Imagine that there is a spider on your phone and you need to flick that spider off so fast if not it will be stuck on your finger.   Take a look at the video demonstration where I made the deliberate attempt to show the ball flying behind the Pidgey

And so, prepare yourself for the next wave of Pokemons and may you succeed in catching them all.

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