Should I buy an iPhone 5?

The question that is on very one’s mind now, should I buy an iPhone 5.  I will be as fair and impartial and not hit under the belt just to make Apple’s gadgets look bad.  Should I buy an iPhone 5?  In this article, I will crunch the tech jargons and spit it out in simple layman’s terms so that even a normal house wife without any tech back ground can come to a decision if the iPhone 5 is worth the purchase.

Let’s start with hardware.


CPU and graphics of the iPhone 5

Apple has a habit of buying only the most powerful hardware and using it for a long time.  It will only use one specific speed or hardware and will not have too much variants unlike other competitors who will come up with devices that have a range of speeds, rams and specifications.

In this case, the Apple has used a real powerful CPU chip that is not yet been implemented in any competitor.  Based on the information I can research and dig out from the web, it is very highly possible that the speed of the iPhone 5 A6 chip is a 2 Ghz dual core CPU.


According to a report by Anand Lal Shimpi of Anandtech, the performance gains Apple reported for the new A6 chip and other factors means that “it looks like Apple has integrated two ARM Cortex A15 cores on Samsung’s 32nm LP HK+MG process.”

I want everyone to focus on the title on how Apple introduces their hardware.  The exact words are.

Apple’s new A6 chip runs two ARM Cortex A15 cores, quad-core GPU


If you do a Wikipedia check on the Coretex A15 cores.  It is a technology that allows up to 4 cores per cluster, up to 2 clusters per chip with CoreLink 400.

Back to the fact that Apple states that the new A6 chip runs 2 ARM A15, unless you are telling me that Apple actually uses 8 cores, I suspect that Apple has actually a dual core in the iPhone 5, except that it runs a set of 2 Ghz dual core, instead of a 2 Ghz quad core which a lot of people are mistaken.  The fact that a lot of phone manufacturers are unable to go past the 1.5 Ghz quad core mark due to battery issues, why is it that Apple is able to go this far?  And they could have easily mentioned a quad core CPU just like how they describes their quad core GPU.  Why “runs two ARM Cortex A15 cores”?

Apple has always been very indirect when it comes to stating tech specs, just like the iPhone 4S, they keep on harping on the quad graphics but it ends up having a dual core 1 Ghz, just like the iPhone 4.

In summary, I feel that the iPhone 5 is good and packs in a good chip.  However, other manufacturers will be able to over take it soon enough in near future.

iPhone 5 screen size

The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen which is a total disappointment.  If you look at the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 put together side by side.  The amount of extra space that you actually have is only a few centimeters.  What Jack can I do with that megre extra space.  Note that this is actually a blown up image of both iPhones.  Just do a search for Youtube videos on having the 4S and iPhone 5 put side by side, the extra 0.5 inch of the screen virtually do not exist.

And when I hear about how the Apple’s presenter describes about how amazing it is to slot in an extra row of icons, read extra feeds and widescreen viewing pleasure.  I could not help but to wonder what retards are working under Apple.

What is so amazing about an extra set of apps in one screen and viewing more feeds without sliding when your competitors have a way larger screen?

What can be so awesome about a widescreen experience when the phone screen is obviously smaller then other phones?


Another misconception about the iPhone 5 is that the screen resolution is not exactly better.  It may pack in more pixels per inch then other phones, but the iPhone 5 has only a 1136 x 640 pixels (326ppi) IPS Retina Display.  Which is not HD.  A Samsung Galaxy S III has 1280 x 720 pixel (306ppi) Super AMOLED HD.  Which is a HD standard.


And they are so happy about being the lightest phone in the market as of now.  Of course you are the lightest phone since you have the smallest screen size.  Duh…

I believe these 2 factors are the issues that the general public are more concerned with.  The rest of the stuff are pretty not worth comparing, since the i-OS and the Android platform are totally 2 individuals.

When I compare phones, I only care about the hardware, because software can be upgraded over time.  But you cannot upgrade hardware.  To end it off, Should I buy an iPhone 5?  My answer will be a yes if you are happy using the iPhone.  This is the release that is worth the wait.  Perhaps we can give the iPhone 5S a miss because I expect it to be given a slight upgrade for its cameras and some additional rams.

For those who are going for Android phones, I feel that you should stay with Android phones.

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