Shut the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

How to shut the Windows 10 upgrade notification?  There are guides out there that will say that you can uninstall an update and it will go away.  However, you must also know how to stop that update from downloading again.  Even if you know how to flag that update aside, there will be chances where by Microsoft will push another update that is anther notification.  I simply ignore the upgrade notification.  Until one day, I realized that enough is enough.  Just look at the amount of notifications that push at you.


Win10 notification 1png


windows10 notification 2


Windows 10 notifcation 3


Windows 10 notifcation 4


I am sure that there are more out there then just these 4.  However, I have been ignoring the free upgrade all this while, until the last notification showed up.  And I was like, “Since when did I say I want the new Windows?”  Alright..  I have run out of patience..  Here’s how to shut it off.  Download the GWX control panel.  It will allow you to stop the upgrade totally as well as shutting that icon away for good.


GWX control panel


Finally, some peace and silence for now.  So, if you want to get rid of that annoying update, I hope this is useful for you.  If you are wondering why can’t I just do the upgrade?  Isn’t Windows 10 the best thing ever?  Read my 5 reasons why I do not want to upgrade to Windows 10.

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