Take Care Of Smartphone Battery

It is important to know how to take care of a smartphone battery.  Mobile phones have evolved much from the past in many aspects, from the battery life, the physical form, the durability of the product and also the obvious multiple functions a smartphone can be.  We are faced with lots of new generation problems when we use the smartphones of this century.  For instance, screen cracks, screen scratches and also the most common of them all, battery life that gets consumed like chips at a party.  In this article, we will look at some of the misunderstandings and information on how to take care of our smartphone batteries.




The new standard Lithium Ion batteries is very sensitive when it comes to heat.  The battery will drain faster when the device is hot, and the impact on the battery pack can be permanent.  The battery will lose 6% of its full capacity per year even if you are able to maintain the temperature at 0 degrees celsius while you are charging.  Therfore, if there is a need to charge a mobile in a car, make sure it stays out of the sun.  Throwing a mobile device in a bag with a battery pack is a bad idea too since it gets hot during the charging phase and suffocating a phone in a bag is one of the best ways to damage a smartphone’s battery.


Say no to Wireless Charging.

Source : gizmag.com


Wireless charging mats make you look cool, apart from the convenience of picking it up and walking away without resulting in pulling the whole wall socket down with you in case you forget that you are still charging.  However, such charging mats generate extra heat then the wired counterparts.  Therefore, unless you are in a cool environment, avoid charging with those mats.


Go easy on the 100% mark


I know it is hard to resist the urge to charge it to a full 100% before pulling the plug.  The best practice is to unplug at the exact moment when it strikes 100%.  However, there is no way to be that accurate, just unplug it when it is 90% plus  full.  Leaving it on the plug for a few hours after it is already 100 % full is actually bad for the battery.  Think of it that your battery pack is a fuel tank.  It is full, and you keep pumping and pumping, the tank is going to bloat.  After few years of constantly pumping into the tank when it is full, the tank will start leaking.  Get the picture?


The myth of going to zero totally before charging.

While it is true that draining the battery to zero before charging does help in some way by doing a re-calibration.  But do not do that all the time.  At most once a month is more then sufficient. Lithium ion batteries are different from batteries from the olden days where by they have the so called memory effect.  These days, such batteries need a certain charge in them to be able to charge up to optimal performance.  If you drain them totally, such batteries will become too unstable to charge, and in severe cases result in explosion.  If you intend to keep such batteries for a long time, make sure you charge them to at least 40% before you keep them.  Lithium ion batteries will drain over time.  Maintaining a charge in them keeps the battery packs from becoming a piece of useless paper weight.

Use the correct charger supplied by the original manufacturer.


While it is possible to charge with USB ports or even swap the chargers around multiple devices.  The best practice is to use the original one from the box.  Because the one that came with it is the one that comes with the perfect voltage and current for that existing device.  By using chargers from compatible devices might result in a charge that might be too strong and thus damaging the battery pack.  A charger that is for a device that is of a lower end tier may not provide enough juice and that’s why your battery seems to drain faster then it should be.


With these tips, I hope it helps readers out there when they are in doubt about how to take care of the smartphone battery.




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