Tips To Control Mobile Data Usage

Here are some tips to control mobile data usage. It is important to control mobile data usage since smartphones nowadays allow you to watch so much web content, if you do not control mobile data usage, you will end up busting the data cap and end up paying lots of money for the excess charges.


Even though the iPhone and the Android comes with a default data tracking interface, these data tracking interface only produce reports of what you had used and it will not be able to stop you if you lose control of yourself. Besides, the default tracking systems need the user to do a manual reset of the stats or it will keep accumulating month after month and in the end you will lose track of the amount of data you’ve actually used.


Thankfully, there are apps that are more powerful that are created by independent developers. Here are a couple of recommendations you can consider.

 Tips To Control Mobile Data Usage

1. DataWiz (iPhone)

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This app allows you to set a data limit and send out a notification when you hit the limit. This is a very important feature that is missing from the iPhone’s built in data tracker. You can also set daily, weekly or monthly data limits. The notification is in the form of a countdown timer. As you use the data, the number will get smaller and smaller until you hit the limit. If you use less data for that week, the amount of data will be added over to the next week and you will see an increase in the daily average of data you can use before it sends a notification.


2. Onavo Count (Android)

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Even though Android has a feature to cut the connection once the data limit is met, you will not receive warnings that you are about to hit the cap. the Onavo Count app however is the answer to the missing features. Once you set the data limit and the date where the bill cycle is, the app will produce real time updates via the drop down notifications. The Onavo Count App will also detect Apps that consume too much data and notify you of the issue. It also comes with the default Android feature to cut off the data when you hit your data cap.

 I hope that these two recommendations will be useful tips to control mobile data usage.

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