Turn Any TV Into A PC With Windows Compute Stick

Behold, the rise of the Compute Sticks, these little chasis packed a punch in a small package.  Mini PCs are nothing new but the Windows Compute Stick, is going to change everything all together.  The war of Mini operating systems started with Chromecast and mini streaming setup boxes.  Looks like Microsoft is not willing to take the back seat and keep quiet about it.

The Intel Compute Stick is an insane evolution where a full PC can be packed into a wee 10 cm x 4 cm chasis.   Despite having such an extreme foam factor of this size, it is able to pack Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, eMMC storage and Expandable MicroSD slot.  Its like James bond technology right that can be solved right up a persons ass and sneaked right into a highly secured compartment while he is doing spy missions.


Source : gizmodo.com

Source : gizmodo.com


Although it only has limited specs like an Atom 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of solid state storage, what more can we ask for in such a small package?  This kind on technology beats a smartphone hands down and it is smaller.  To review the full specs you can click here.  And the price is just around $150.  This is mind blowing.

Even if you have no use for this, it does not cost a bomb to buy one and keep it aside as an emergency backup computer.  It will come in handy some day should the main computer go down.



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