Use Android Phone As Scanner

Do you know you can use Android phone as a scanner?  I have seen people like insurance agents or financial advisers fumbling with a portable scanner while trying to scan documents of their clients if they are trying to seal the deal on the spot.  Trying to scan with a portable scanner would simply mean that you need at least a laptop and a small scanner which would mean too many things to start up at a single point in time.  In this article, I will show you a few ways how to use Android phone as scanner to scan documents or ID cards.


Google Drive App

Google Drive is a powerful app that not only supports editing of documents, it allows you to save your snapped image as a PDF as you uploads it.  It will allow you to attach this PDF as a file to your cases without having to mess you hair wondering how to convert an image into PDF.  The best part is that the app itself, allows you to take a photo instead of having to figure out how to upload to the app to convert the image.

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CamScanner app

CamScanner app from Android is another app that I love since Android first came to the market.  It is one of the best card scanners out there that is so intelligent and versatile.  All you have to do is snap the card with steady hands and it instantly figures out the edges of the card against the backdrop and crops for you without you having to do much.  It even comes with brightness adjustments if the card is too dark.  Now it even comes with the iPhone version.


There are actually tons of other variants that can help you achieve the same purpose.  But I wish to keep this guide simple and therefore, I reduced the number of recommendations.  If you know any apps that you feel that should be made known, please share with the readers.

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