10 Ways to Recycle Old Android Phones

We all have a box of old mobile phones sitting around with no purpose.  There are ways to recycle old Android phones and turn them into functional gadgets with a purpose.  It will save you a lot of money if your Android phone can double up as another household gadget.  In this article, I will list down ways to recycle old Android phones.


1. Turn them into radio or music players

Simply download TuneIn app and connect a good speaker to the earphone jack of the Android device, you can easily tap on to the Wi-Fi of your house and play some music.  There’s no need to keep it on the whole day, in case you are worried about exploding battery packs.  Turn it on only when you are home and use it as and when you need it.


2. Use them as remote controls

There are a lot of apps that allow you to turn your Android smartphone into a remote control.  For certain Android models that come with IR receiver, you can use it to control gadgets like TV or Air Conditioners. Alternatively, the Unified Remote app is also great for controlling your PC.  If you want to watch a movie or a Youtube video.  You can control your computer using your phone while you relax on your sofa.

3.  Use them as IP cameras

There are apps that can turn your phone into a webcam.  And I am not referring to apps that allow you to monitor the webcams in your house.


IP Webcam is one such app that is very awesome.  It can turn any phone into a webcam and you can use it to do short term monitoring.  Of course you can use it the whole day, but I fear that the phone might over heat.  It is great for situations where your baby is napping and you need to cook dinner.  Have the phone positioned in the bed room checking you baby out while you cook your dinner and have another tablet as the source to see the live video feed.  Or in case you ordered pizza and you need to be alert in case the delivery guy is here but yet you want to continue playing your games,  set one Android phone aiming at the door, problem solved.  Oh, I forgot that you can use Yawcam to stream the live feed as well on the PC as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You may consider checking out my guide on how to turn an Android phone into a IP camera.


4.  Use them as VR head gear

The problem with using your main phone as the VR is that while you are enjoying a video, a whatsapp or call comes through and it interrupts the entire show.  A phone without any Sim Card means you can enjoy VR without any interruptions.  Check out the cool Trinus app that turns your phone into a head mount for FPS games.


5.  Use them as ipod or mp3 player

You can simply get a large SD card and top it off with mp3.  Earphones on… and it makes a perfect mp3 when you go jogging or cycling.  A typical Android phone with no data plan can easily play music for 5 hours or more.


6.  Use them as a portable 3G router

Need some Wi-Fi on the move?  Subscribe to a data only Sim Plan.  Pop it into your recycled Android phone and you have your very own mobile Wi-Fi router.  Great for overseas trips when you do not want to waste your own data plan.  Of course, you will need to take up a Sim plan from the country you are at for a short time span.


7.  Use them as a camera

While this may be redundant, since chances are that your current phone will be of a better megapixel with much better lens.  It can be great if you want to give your young kids something to take on an excursion.  You may even use this as a in car dash board camera since it does not have to be turned on 24 x 7.


8.  Use them as GPS

A real GPS capable Android smartphone comes with GPS chip which means that you do not need a sim card for it to work.  The Google maps can work without the need for data plan.  The only reason why a data plan might be needed would be the need to download data to map the path to your destination.  This can be achieved by doing a quick internet tethering from your main phone to the recycled phone.  Once you start driving, data is not required.

I am sure all these suggestions will add more value to your device then sitting in the store room rotting away.  It beats selling to a 2nd hand shop for $50 bucks or less.  I hope you like this article on ways to recycle your old Android phone.


9.  Use them as gaming consoles.

With so much emulators out there in the app store, you can turn the old Android into to a hand held gaming device.  The best emulator out there is a Playstation Portable app which is called PPSSPP.


10.  Turn them into the Android Streaming Setup Box.

If the device is not too outdated, you can get the EZcast dongle and hook it up to your TV, after which use your phone to mirror whatever you wish to watch onto the TV.  Pair a set of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your Android phone.  You have just transformed your TV into a smart TV.

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