Hong Kong And Taiwan Drama apks for Android TV boxes

Most of us would have bought an Android TV box or at least heard of one before.  Most of these boxes would be most likely be populated with a bunch of apps that work in the beginning, however, as time goes by it would not work anymore.  Trying to find a reliable apk for Hong Kong and Taiwan Dramas are extremely hard.  Even if you know of the famous sources like Fusion, Baidu, Mango TV to PPTV, these sources usually require you to sign up for an account before anything works.  What is most frustrating is that even after registering, you will only get a “this video is not available for your region”.  In order to survive in the harsh cyber ecosphere where it is a cat and mouse game where the person who uploads the video gets caught up by the cyber police and have their video account removed or video taken off the web.  Most of the time, chances are that you will only be able to find video sources or apps that do not last long before it becomes a paperweight in your Android TV box.  In this post, I will post some of the apks that have survived the times and those that do not require any registration at all.


千寻影视 – Qian Xun TV Box

Qian XunThis apk is one of the top choice for Chinese Drama and Movies.  In fact, the design of this app looks so professional to the point that the design is as good as a Chinese TV box’s Android launcher.  And it not only looks good, you will get dramas that are pretty current.  What I love about this app is that it scans all other sources for you and loads the content without you having to sign up with a login account with other streaming sources.  It even comes with movie choices that are from Hollywood.  The list will not be as great as 123movies.com but I think the reason why it is as such is because it needs to spend time to create decent Chinese subtitles, thus the app’s movie list is only a fraction of what you see in the streaming sites that allow all kinds of streams, be it cam to standard quality.





Yun Yun HKTV

yun yun hktv



This app is better known as com.yunyun.hktvshows.apk if you want to be able to locate it.  This app does not have a lot of different titles but I got to say that whatever it provides can be streamed.  If you are someone who is a hardcore fan of Hong Kong dramas, this app is everything you can ask for in a small package.





泰捷视频 – Togic TV



This app is the People’s Republic of China’s version of live TV, every single channel or content you will get will be 100 % from China. Unlike most apps that provide contents that are one day late, a key difference in this app will be that the video it streams is real time.  You will be watching live TV that’s from China.  If you are expecting to find Taiwan variety shows, I will say that you will be disappointed.But not to worry, the next app that I recommend will be about Taiwan variety shows.



枫林电视 – com.awesomeapphk.maplestage


awesomeapphkmaplestageThis app contains more than just Taiwan Dramas and shows, you get to choose even Japan and Korea shows which makes this a piece of gem.  The number of episodes that they store can be as far as a few years back.  I did not see how many pages of variety show can I scroll, but it is a lot and should be sufficient.  I believe 1 to 2 years of old episodes should be more than enough drama you can get drunk with.  One gripe I have with this app and its website is that you cannot sort by year, which is a slight disappointment.  Otherwise, if you are simply someone who is interested in watching only the series that are current, this app will do a perfect job.  You can visit its website for a web based version as well.  http://maplestage.com/






http://sugoideas.com/ is one of the best websites that compiles all the Taiwan dramas and variety shows that you can watch.  They store Dramas that are dated 2000 which is a whopping 15 years back.  One disadvantage of this website is that it stores its content in Youtube, which means that there are situations where the show or the episode or the entire Youtuber’s account being suspended and removed by Youtube.  This could mean the entire series being wiped out.  Nevertheless, Sugoideas appears to have a dedicated team who would re-upload the content and update the website with the new streaming links.  To avoid detection, the video itself, is always named with meaningless titles so that it is impossible for Google to crawl the video.


123movies.com and fmovies

There are many movie streaming sources that are free out there, with some of them even popping up in facebook.  However, most of them die a quick death and so it is meaningless to even mention them.  However, surprisingly 123movies.com seems to be able to ride the storm and no matter what happens, it will revive itself and will never be taken down.  There is a twitter account which will provide information on the latest 123movies website that is available or if they are down.  You might want to bookmark that to keep tabs on the changes. https://twitter.com/123moviesuk?lang=en


This is another website that I love very much.  A lot of streaming sites have way too many ads, and to make matters worse, the ads pop up right in front of you or it simply takes you away in another tab or window which is distracting and irritating.  fmovies on the other hand, loads the video, no nonsense right away.  There are ads, but at least you get to watch you movie in peace.  The ads will only show up if you end up clicking additional clicks after being on the site for a while.


Terrarium TV

Step aside Netflix, Apple TV, 123 Movies etc, here comes the Mother Teresa of TV boxes.  This 3rd party apk is like the dragon ball fusion of KODI and 123 movies infused with the DNA of Bittorrent.  And man, after using it, you know I am not exaggerating.  Not only it loads faster than a web based movie streaming site, it does not even require a high end Android to get it working.  Any old Android 4.0 will run this apk without breaking into a sweat.  The best part is that it does not spam you with ads.  Oh, and did I mention that you can even choose to include subtitles on the fly?

This is some seriously hell of a Mother Russia app that kicks the shit out of all movie streaming solutions out there.  There’s one bad news for Apple users.  It only supports Android.  Sorry Apple fan boys, I guess burning money on Apple TVs to Tim Cook is your fate.

Simply Google for Terrarium TV and download the apk from the website and sit back and grab some pop corn.


Do you have any great recommendations to share?  Please add in the comments section below.  I am sure many people out there will love to know.


  Yun Yun HK    Qian Xun TV    Togic TV    Maplestage

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