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Fix iOS 10 Swype update failed issue

For those users who purchased Swype while you are using iOS 9, you will notice that there is a strange bug that will plague the Swype keyboard after upgrading to iOS 10.  For some reason, the Swype keyboard will not load up, all you get is a grey background.  You will only get the Swype

Enable the mute icon for tabs in Chrome

Do you know that you can enable the mute icon for tabs in Chrome, how many times have you been caught off guard with videos or pop up advertisements that play on their own without your permission.  the most irritating thing about such advertisements are that they tend to be louder than most videos.  This

How To Mirror Android Phone To Windows PC With Free Apps

There’s a trend in a need to do realtime live presentation via the Android phone. In this guide, I will show you how to Mirror Android phone to Windows PC with Free Apps.  Smartphones these days have so much capability that can be compared to a desktop PC.  You can do so much more on

Boost Home Wi-Fi Without Expensive Router

There are ways to boost home Wi-Fi without having to buy any expensive router.  With the landscape and concrete jungle expanding exponentially in a ridiculous speed, there are so much radio waves around us.  Buying an expensive router or signing up for the most expensive plan might seem like an ideal way to get the

Secrets To Throwing Curve Pokeballs

Throwing curve poke balls are not hard, today I will reveal some of the secrets to throwing curve poke balls.  I started playing this game being the least interested person of everyone around me.  I was merely someone who played because the whole world was playing, and you will look like an alien if you

Save Android Battery By Lowering Graphics Settings

You can save Android battery by lowering the graphic settings.  Smart phones and tablets are being used instead of desktop PCs and laptops.  App creators are starting to bring better apps that can allow you to perform certain tasks that we normally can only do via a full fledge operating system.  The mobile phone is

Protect Yourself Against New Forms Of Malware Such As Ransomware Or Fake Alerts

There’s been an increase in a new trend in malware and it is important to know how to protect yourself against such new forms of malware such as Ransomware or fake alerts.  Conventional malware that manifests in the form of a plugin or an executable is no longer the preferred medium of infection.  These days,

Control iPhone With VR Gear While Watching Youtube

With so much hype going on with regards to VR and the Samsung gear and the emergence of cheaper VR headset that you can buy for less than $50 dollars, I don’t see much talk about VR and Apple products.  Samsung VR has taken off, so I wonder what happens if you are an iPhone user

Squeeze Out Extra Battery Juice Out Of A Mac

I had written guides on how to get extra battery life out of Windows PC, so I suppose it will be good to do one on how to squeeze out extra battery juice out of a Mac.  Unlike a Windows PC, Mac does not have power customization options where you can choose between battery saving

How to clear iPhone Photos Fast?

How many photos and videos do you receive in a day?  Given the amount of Selfies you are taking and sharing, I do not even want to mention the amount of food photos that you have to snap.  We have first world problems right here.  How to clear iPhone photos fast? There’s actually a lot