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Save Android Battery By Lowering Graphics Settings

You can save Android battery by lowering the graphic settings.  Smart phones and tablets are being used instead of desktop PCs and laptops.  App creators are starting to bring better apps that can allow you to perform certain tasks that we normally can only do via a full fledge operating system.  The mobile phone is

Protect Yourself Against New Forms Of Malware Such As Ransomware Or Fake Alerts

There’s been an increase in a new trend in malware and it is important to know how to protect yourself against such new forms of malware such as Ransomware or fake alerts.  Conventional malware that manifests in the form of a plugin or an executable is no longer the preferred medium of infection.  These days,

Control iPhone With VR Gear While Watching Youtube

With so much hype going on with regards to VR and the Samsung gear and the emergence of cheaper VR headset that you can buy for less than $50 dollars, I don’t see much talk about VR and Apple products.  Samsung VR has taken off, so I wonder what happens if you are an iPhone user

Squeeze Out Extra Battery Juice Out Of A Mac

I had written guides on how to get extra battery life out of Windows PC, so I suppose it will be good to do one on how to squeeze out extra battery juice out of a Mac.  Unlike a Windows PC, Mac does not have power customization options where you can choose between battery saving

How to clear iPhone Photos Fast?

How many photos and videos do you receive in a day?  Given the amount of Selfies you are taking and sharing, I do not even want to mention the amount of food photos that you have to snap.  We have first world problems right here.  How to clear iPhone photos fast? There’s actually a lot

Fix Totally Bricked iPad 1 3rd Gen A1430 screen cannot turn on

I have another case here where my friend’s young kids dropped the iPad on the ground.  Thus what I can see is a totally bricked iPad 1 3rd Gen A1430 with a screen that cannot be turned on.  And how bad is the situation?  If it is only a black screen, you might be in

El-Capitan Where is the Recover Deleted items option?

If you delete a photo by accident in El-Capitan, you will be surprised that you can’t seem to find the Show Deleted Items option anymore.  And it makes things scarier when after doing some Google searching, you cannot even seem to locate the “deleted items album”  El-Capitan, where is the Recover Deleted items?   Here

10 Ways to Recycle Old Android Phones

We all have a box of old mobile phones sitting around with no purpose.  There are ways to recycle old Android phones and turn them into functional gadgets with a purpose.  It will save you a lot of money if your Android phone can double up as another household gadget.  In this article, I will

10 Windows Tips To Improve Productivity

ere are 10 Windows Tips To Improve Productivity that you did not know that could speed up the work and improve productivity at your workplace or at home. Everytime I see someone struggle with their computer, I could not help but squirm at the fact that there are so many ways that the use of

Optimizing Gaming On Slow Computers Without Buying New Hardware

If you need to game, you need to game.  However if money is not something that you have control over and your mom and dad decides what kind of pc you get to buy.  This guide will help you and teach you a few guides on Optimizing Gaming On Slow Computers Without Buying New Hardware.