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Android Multi-boot Loader Apps

Android Dual Boot Multi boot loader Tech gurus might know the fact that it is possible to run Android in a smartphone that comes pre-installed with Windows Mobile. Therefore, there is a need for a boot loader app that will make running of Android less of a chore. There are in fact quite a couple

Force eject stucked disc software

Getting a stucked disc in a drive is quite a common problem with computers these days. Such a problem can be due to dirty discs or discs that are burned with errors on the disc. Therefore these discs may not be willing to eject even if the button on the drive is pressed. For the

Best Android Browsers

Android smartphones have really good browsers compared to other smartphones. They are the best replacements to the ones used on a desktop computer that is able to render flash and loads pages real fast. Android became better over time and improved on their system. Web surfing on Android is now even faster then when Android

iPad Browsers

iPad is now the tablet gadget that is gaining popularity as the must have gadget of all time. A lot of users do not know that there are alternative browsers that they can use instead of using the default Safari browser all the time. Some may be wondering if there is a need to be

Mute shortcut key

Most of us will find a mute shortcut key very useful in our everyday life. When a situation arises, like a call or when your boss walks in behind you, it will be better you can turn down the volume very quickly to avoid being looked as if you are slacking on a job. In

Talking Tom Cat Android

The Talking Tom cat is a very interesting app that first appeared in the iPhone market. But now there is also a Talking Tom cat for the Android. Apps have changed the way people use their smartphones. There are entertainment apps and apps meant for work. The Talking Tom cat is an app that is